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How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body


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Friday, 24 June, 2016 to Sunday, 26 June, 2016
David Hamilton at Schumacher College

With Best-Selling Author, David Hamilton

In this weekend course, David Hamilton will be discussing all the different ways that your mind impacts your body - from the effects of belief on healing, to how meditation and visualisation shape the brain, to how love and compassion affect the heart and blood vessels, and much, much more.

He will also be sharing practical visualisation strategies used by people around the world to help facilitate recovery from serious illness and disease.

Join us for this rare residential weekend with David at Schumacher College, on the beautiful and peaceful Dartington Hall Estate in Devon.

You will learn:

- how visualisation physically impacts the brain

- how the brain and body are connected

- how the placebo effect works and how to harness it

- how compassion can reduce inflammation

- the 7 visualisation strategies for self-healing

- strategies used by people around the world that helped them recover from illness, injury or disease

- You will also learn Quantum Field Healing, which is a visualisation technique where we imagine illness, injury, or disease from a quantum perspective instead of a physical perspective.

This course is ideal for those who are interested in alternative health, people who are therapists, healers, coaches, trainers, NLP practitioners, NHS staff, or anyone who would like a solid understanding of the mind-body connection and the scientific validation of it. The course is also ideal for people who have specific illnesses who would like to understand the different ways they can use their own mind and attitude in their healing.

Why kindness is good for you: Dr. David Hamilton at TEDx


David Hamilton PhD

Working in the pharmaceutical industry, David became fascinated by the placebo effect, how people improve through believing they are receiving a drug. He began to study mind-body interactions inhis spare time. He decided to leave the pharmaceutical industry after 4 years to write and speak about the mind, our abilities, and help people to believe in themselves. He also speaks about kindness and the idea that a small group of people with compassion and kindness in their hearts can change the world.

David Hamilton is now a bestselling author of 8 books published by Hay House, and offer talks and workshops that use science to inspire, fusing science, the mind, and spiritual wisdom.



£ 385.00
Fee includes private, simple accommodation, all vegetarian meals and teaching sessions.