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Short Courses


Fri, 28/06/2019 to Sun, 30/06/2019

With Emma Clark, Satish Kumar and June Mitchell

Gardening has a profound impact on the heart and soul. There will be talks by Satish Kumar on how we are all connected via the profound spiritual essence that is Nature and how through gardening we can connect intimately with nature; and by an expert on Islamic gardens, Emma Clark, on how gardening may be seen as a sacred art and on the spiritual symbolism of the Paradise Garden. The weekend will also include walks around the beautiful Dartington grounds and Qi Gong practice led by the well-known and experienced practitioner June Mitchell.

This course is full, please sign up to the waiting list here.

Mon, 01/07/2019 to Fri, 05/07/2019

With Bill Plotkin and Geneen Marie Haugen, Ph.D.

Wild Eros is a way of falling into the depths of soul and nourishing radical intimacy with other-than-human beings. It’s a subversive act of embodied participation that amplifies experience of Earth as sacred and may reveal seeds of vision for our troubled, tender world — potent seeds for artisans of cultural renaissance: change agents, tricksters, artists, poets, therapists, activists, and true leaders.


Fri, 12/07/2019 to Sun, 14/07/2019

With Faze Ali, Ruairi Edwards, Stephan Harding, Ty Lynne and Ella Sparks

This is a gentle weekend to help you discover how you can improve your whole body connection to the natural world around you. Taking the inspirational philosophy of Satish Kumar of education with head, hands and heart, you will have the chance to take part in a variety of peaceful activities around Schumacher College and the Dartington Estate including gong meditation, gardening, gentle yoga and a guided walk with ecologist Dr Stephan Harding.

Fri, 19/07/2019 to Fri, 26/07/2019

With Colin Campbell, Lucy Hinton, Andrew McAulay, Wewo Kotokay and Satish Kumar

Join Colin Campbell, Lucy Hinton, Andrew McAulay and Wewo Kotakoy for a process of deep ritual and bring together two areas of practice; nature vigil, and breathwork techniques.  This is a chance for relational interaction to contribute to the regeneration of people, and the 'other-than-human' kin who speak a language that is both strange and achingly familiar.

Satish Kumar

Fri, 26/07/2019 to Sun, 28/07/2019

With Satish Kumar and June Mitchell

Participate in a weekend meditating, walking and spending time in nature away from the daily stresses of life and discover the importance of bringing soul into the heart of everything you do.

This course is full, please sign up to the waiting list here.


Fri, 02/08/2019 to Sun, 04/08/2019

With Martin Shaw and Dr Carla Stang

Join Martin Shaw and Carla Stang and discover how the imaginal world can be accessed by myth, poetry, philosophy and time in nature. Wrestling in the disclosures of a fairy tale or witnessing the luminous thought of Henry Corbin, the aim is participation not passivity, your own way in to the numinous foundation of existence.

Elegant Simplicity

Mon, 05/08/2019 to Fri, 09/08/2019

With Satish Kumar and June Mitchell

Consumerism drives the pursuit of happiness in much of the world, yet as wealth grows unhappiness abounds. We've now reached both an environmental and spiritual dead-end that leaves us crying out for alternatives. Elegant Simplicity provides a coherent philosophy of life that weaves together simplicity of material life, thought, and spirit. Satish Kumar, environmental thought leader and former monk, distills five decades of reflection and wisdom into a guide for everyone.

Embrace complexity in place of complication and learn how to transform even the small activities in life into something extra-ordinary.

Booking Deadline: 1st July 2019*

Resilliant tree growing on the side of a mountain

Mon, 09/09/2019 to Fri, 13/09/2019

With Dr Chris Johnstone and Professor David Peters

At a time of uncertainty in our world, the learnable skills of personal resilience strengthen our capacity to deal with difficult situations and rise to the occasion. This course focuses on ways to cultivate resilience in ourselves (me), in other people (you), and within the teams, groups or communities we belong to (us).

Booking Deadline: 29th July 2019*

Schumacher College

Mon, 07/10/2019 to Fri, 11/10/2019

With Fiona Tilley and Faze Ali

Immerse yourself for a week in the vibrant community of Schumacher College. This course is designed to give you space to enquire into what has meaning in your life, and what role you wish to play in the world, while also being inspired and invigorated by some of the concepts and ideas the college is based upon and participating in the rich daily life of the Schumacher community.

Booking Deadline: 26 August 2019*

Tree and roots

Mon, 28/10/2019 to Fri, 08/11/2019

With Eve Mitleton-Kelly

Join Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly from the London School of Economics (LSE) and Cambridge University, for this two week training in addressing complex organisational, societal and global problems. Complex problems only appear intractable, because they are usually addressed by inappropriate approaches. They are complex, yet are addressed as simple linear problems. The EMK Complexity Methodology, based on the practical application of Complexity Science with organisations over a 23-year period, has a set of tools and methods, which do effectively address complex problems.

Booking Deadline: 16 September 2019*

Mahatma Gandhi

Mon, 18/11/2019 to Fri, 22/11/2019

With Satish Kumar

Mahatma Gandhi’s life and message are as relevant in the 21st Century as they were in his own time.  This course will explore the Gandhian principles of non-violence, local economy, self-government, spirituality and social justice.

Booking Deadline: 28 October 2019*

Fri, 22/11/2019 to Sun, 24/11/2019

With Manda Scott

What if the next evolutionary step were to be spiritual rather than physical and were to be made consciously?  How would we do this?  What skills do we need to change the way we interact with the Greater than Human world?  Join Manda Scott in exploring the ways we could make a paradigm shift in human consciousness.

Finding Your Voice

Mon, 25/11/2019 to Fri, 29/11/2019

With Ruairi Edwards and Suzzie Vango

Discover who you are through song.  This is a chance to find your own authentic voice with the support of a community of like-minded people.  Maybe you are part of a choir and need the courage to step into the limelight?  Maybe you want to sing but lack the confidence?  Led by Ruairi Edwards – one of the UK’s most sought-after choral conductors and vocal coaches, this course offers the unique combination of individual attention to developing your technique combined with the sheer joy of experiencing communal voice.

Booking Deadline: 14th October 2019*

Gaia Illustration

Fri, 10/01/2020 to Sun, 12/01/2020

With Stephan Harding and Julia Ponsonby

Join Stephan Harding and partner Julia Ponsonby on this special new year course to explore the healthy connections between the bacteria within our bodies and the bacteria within the earth.  Learn simple fermentation techniques to make foods which promote good gut health and overall wellbeing.  This course is designed to be a joyful and inspiring journey to understand the gift of deep belonging and of deep ecology, given us by the teeming organisms of our microbiome, our partners in Gaia.

Booking Deadline: 29th November 2019*

Woman sitting by the water

Thu, 16/01/2020 to Sun, 19/01/2020

With Robin Rose Saltonstall, PhD

If you are in the second half of your life, then you know that one of the signature experiences of this time is feeling more strongly about ‘what matters’ and  simultaneously experiencing a change of capacities in the physical matter of oneself. Welcome to the Dance of Complementarity, a ‘both/and' of increasing consciousness and changing body.  Living ‘both/and’ is a leitmotif in the pilgrimage of ageing and is an essential undertaking in the journey to health and well-being in the second half of life. Choreograph your own healthy, potent, and wise second half of life dance.

Booking Deadline: 5th December 2019*

Love Is All

Fri, 14/02/2020 to Sun, 16/02/2020

With Satish Kumar and June Mitchell

This is a chance to spend an intimate weekend, hosted by Satish Kumar to consider the role of love in our lives and how we can use it to live in a more fulfilling way.  It will be an opportunity for discussion and deep reflection, incorporating the wisdom of poets and mystics, to consider the most powerful force on earth.

Booking Deadline: 19 December 2019*

aerial view of blue canyon riverbed

Mon, 27/04/2020 to Sun, 03/05/2020

With Eve Mitleton-Kelly

Join Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly from the London School of Economics (LSE) and Cambridge University, for this one week advanced course in addressing complex organisational, societal and global problems. The advanced course is primarily for those who have already attended the 2-week courses run by EMK at Schumacher College. The course will take the students through a unique process, based on complexity science, to identify the multiple dimensions in the problem space and their co-evolving dynamics.

Booking Deadline: 16th March 2020*

Forest Garden with Martin Crawford

Mon, 04/05/2020 to Fri, 08/05/2020

With Martin Crawford, Caroline Aitken, Ella Sparks and Jane Gleeson

Learn how to design, implement, and maintain forest gardens and other sustainable agroecological systems. Participants will experience both recently planted and well established 25-year old forest gardens, as well as other agroforestry in and around Dartington.Includes sessions on harvesting, preserving and cooking with forest garden produce.

Booking Deadline: 20th March 2020*

Exterior of Tigers Nest, GNH Centre Bhutan

Mon, 11/05/2020 to Fri, 22/05/2020

With Dr. Julia Kim and Julie Richardson

The GNH Practitioners Program is a collaborative 9 month program hosted by the GNH Centre in Bhutan, and Schumacher College in the UK combined with online activities, study and support  designed to lead each participant on a personal journey of inspiration, discovery and capacity building. The program is designed to help all participants cultivate the skills and experience to develop their own GNH-inspired prototype.

Booking Deadline: 25th November 2019*

woman setting birds free

Mon, 08/06/2020 to Fri, 19/06/2020

Led by Jenny Mackewn, with Special Contributors and Teachers to be confirmed. This is a unique course introducing you to inspiring teachers and thinkers supporting you to develop your own personal leadership qualities and achieve your goals.

Join us for an eight-month journey that consists of:  A period of preparation,  a residential intensive and an 8 month community of practice through Virtual or Face-to-Face meeting.

Booking Deadline: 27th April 2020*


Fri, 17/07/2020 to Sun, 19/07/2020

With Satish Kumar and June Mitchell

Participate in a weekend meditating, walking and spending time in nature away from the daily stresses of life and discover the importance of bringing soul into the heart of everything you do.

Booking Deadline: 5th June 2020*

Balancing the Brain

Mon, 20/07/2020 to Fri, 24/07/2020

With Dr Iain McGilchrist and Satish Kumar

We have impoverished our understanding of the world by focussing so much on mechanism. The proper relationship of the two brain hemispheres is one that balances head and heart; one that gives weight to reason, intuition and imagination.

It is this connection that offers us remarkable insights into the unique harmony between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge neuroscience.