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Unusually Brave: Exploring Courageous and Authentic Communication

Course dates: 
Friday, 29 June, 2018 to Sunday, 1 July, 2018
Be Brave

Honest communication is difficult. You are invited to stand up and join a community of individuals exploring authenticity, communication and connection. Through playful and interactive group exercises, practise taking risks to deepen your relationships at work, home and in the world.

At a Glance

• Strategies for clear, heartfelt communication
• Identify and articulate your personal boundaries
• Playful and interactive approach to learning

About This Course

Have you ever said yes when you meant no? Struggled to say what you think? Wished you could be more honest about how you feel? Longed for more meaningful connections?

It takes courage to say what we really mean. To ask ourselves what we truly feel and listen for the answer, let alone communicate that to a friend, colleague or partner. Just as no one expects an engineer to solve a complex problem without training or a dancer to give a flawless performance without rehearsing, the same level of practise and commitment is required to perfect our communication and relationships with each other and ourselves.

In this course we explore what it looks and feels like to communicate authentically. We notice the social scripts that govern our daily interactions and question their role in shaping our relationships with others. We recognise everyone has something valuable to offer when sharing their experiences of the world.

This is a hands-on experiential course, there are no lecture sessions. Expect to play, move, share and engage. Through highly interactive group processes we explore ways of seeing, connecting and appreciating others and oneself at a deeper level. The weekend will act as a practise ground to take risks and step outside your comfort zone.

This course was previously a year-long internal series of workshops for Schumacher College volunteers and staff. Unusually Brave co-founders Rosa and Rich bring authentic communication back to Schumacher for this weekend short course. They mix depth and vulnerability with a good dose of humour to make for an intimate, lively and profound experience. Their simple techniques are inspired by Authentic Relating, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Forum Theatre and nature connection practices.

Rosa and Rich run programmes together and apart. Past and forthcoming appearances include: Eco Dharma, Embercombe, Schumacher College, Findhorn, Hamilton House and Buddhafield, Togetherness, Colourfest and Green Earth Awakening festivals.

What will participants gain from taking part in this course?
• Strategies for clear, heartfelt communication in your relationships (during and beyond the course)
• A safe and playful space to explore sharing parts of yourself that may feel risky, shameful or embarrassing
• Confidence in identifying and voicing your needs
• Practise deep listening in support of yourself and others
• Insights into your habits, patterns and ways of relating to other people
• Awareness of the body and other non-verbal cues in communication
• Ability to identify and communicate personal and professional boundaries
• How to give and receive honest feedback
• A network and community to support this on-going self-exploration

This course is for you if:
• You’re searching for deeper, more meaningful connections with others
• You’re tired of superficial conversations, small talk and social masks
• You want to understand and explore your triggers and reactions in your relationships
• You wish to be kinder and clearer in your communication
• You struggle to speak up, state your boundaries or take social risks
• You have a sense that your relationships could be more honest and fun but you don’t know where to begin
• You want to be in a community of people who will meet you where you are right now
• You are a facilitator, teacher or group practitioner looking for fresh ideas and new ways to bring people together

Rosa Martin

Rosa Sommer Martin

Rosa became an Authentic Relating facilitator in 2014, running workshops in Vietnam and later at Embercombe, Schumacher College and a number of UK festivals. Together with co-founder Rich Loizou, she started Unusually Brave, creating spaces for people to practise relating to themselves and each other in kind and honest ways.

Rosa is a co-founder of Find Space Collective, a have-less-live-more initiative exploring human relationships to time, technology and stuff in a culture that promotes busy ‘always on’ ways of living. She also co-founded the organisational change network Liquid School, where she works with corporates on integrating authentic leadership and a sustainability mind-set into the heart of business. Rosa is a board member for the centre for leadership and learning, Embercombe.

Rich Loizou

Rich Loizou

Rich Loizou works as a nature connection and land-based learning facilitator. Having lived in various communities for the past decade he now hangs his hat in a land co-op in Devon. He believes the key to peaceful cooperation lays in good communication. Rich currently works with Reboot the Roots, a charity that empowers groups through the use of the creative arts. As a practitioner of Augusto Boal's “Theatre of the Oppressed” he facilitates Forum Theatre for personal and social change. By day he works to foster self-confidence in children and young adults at Acorns, an alternative “small school” in Denbury, Devon. His work engages the connection between head, heart and hands. Rich is constantly learning and sees authenticity and consent as both deeply personal and political issues.

£ 295.00
Course fees include basic accommodation, all meals, field trips, materials and all teaching sessions. The programme will run from Friday to Sunday afternoon and includes two nights private accommodation and all vegetarian meals from the first lunchtime you arrive through until the lunchtime before your departure.