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Sundance and Sacred Ritual 2016 – Teachings from the Lakota Tradition


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Monday, 24 October, 2016 to Friday, 28 October, 2016
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George Sword, Oglala Lakota, 1875

With Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook and Linda Delormier and Mac Macartney

This course is part of our Becoming Indigenous Programme.

Join us for this very rare opportunity to explore the teachings and protocols that surround the sundance and other sacred rituals of the Lakota people. Our aim during this time will be to demystify these practices and look at how parallels in these teachings exist in everyday modern life wherever we are in the world.

By attending this course you can expect direct transmission of sacred teachings, ceremony, stories and deep sharing between different cultures. 

The week will be assisted by Linda Lorimer and Mac Macartney but with very special guest Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook who says the following:

“I am the great great great Granddaughter of Captain George Sword also known as Ghost Horse or Tasunke Wa Nagi.  He was the last of the Holy Men who gave his instructions, legends and life stories of our Afraid Of Bear Tiospaye.

I will incorporate our "Creation Story of the Sioux Nation through the eyes of the Oglala Band of Lakota.  My fathers', brothers', grandfathers' and great great grandfathers' were all Lakota Police or Keepers of the Peace in our Tiospaye and/or bands of our Sioux People.  They were always there to Protect and Serve our people.  It behooves us in this generation where I am  to tell our family stories, perform our ceremonies, reach out to young people and share all that we know and understand of our Tiospaye ways so that the world can better collaborate with us.

My Grandfather Geo. Sword would tell us about ceremonies and procedures and more importantly about Protocols to be used in practice.  He repeated many times that " these important ways are for us to share, not for us to keep"  My Grandfather Chief American Horse said:  anyone can do the Sundance, just do it as our Oglala do.

Those important messages left for us to share has made me in my 69th year ready and willing to give myself to teach those precepts and concepts so that people who want the information can have it and those who do not won't have to.  We as Oglala do enjoy reciprocity and collaboration and the diversity of the world in which we live today. 

I look forward to ceremony with Schumacher College. I will continue to share my life ways with those who will be present.  A special and very warm welcome to all of you with whom I will spend quality time with”



Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook

Loretta is a Lakota Elder, who has currently listed grandmother at the top of her resume.  Having had her first grandchild, Loretta is committed to ensuring the world is a better place for him to grow up.  She is currently working on the He-Sapa Black Hills Initiative which, if successful, would negotiate with the U.S Government for the return of the stewardship of the Black Hills.  She travels the world, speaking to this subject, and teaching her culture to those who are wishing to learn.  She is a keeper of her culture, and the female Sundance Leader for the Afraid of Bear/American Horse Sundance. She also sits on a number of international boards including the Fountain Foundation, Running Strong Foundation, The Sacred Healing Circle, and the Black Hills Unity Alliance.

Karonhienhawe Linda Delormier

For the better part of the past 20 years, Linda Delormier has worked for her community, Kahnawake, a Mohawk reservation just south of Montreal, Quebec.  She has a wealth of experience, specifically in project leadership, planning and management, and coordination.  She has had the opportunity to work for and/or to participate in many of Kahnawake’s groundbreaking community programs and initiatives.

Her work in her community is vast and multi-faceted.  She is currently working with the local youth, as a facilitator in a local Rites of Passage program. This 4 year program takes young girls at puberty and brings them through four years of cultural teaching to womanhood. Additionally, she teaches Kanien’keha (Mohawk Language)  at the elementary level in a Mohawk Immersion School.  She also teaches various courses and evening workshops, teaching families a variety of subject matter surrounding the issue of food sovereignty, including Mohawk language; basic food and medicine preservation; healthy cooking, and basic survival skills

Linda has now taken this experience to the Lakota people, where she is currently assisting the coordinating team of the Black Hills Unity Alliance in their development, at the invitation of President Obama, of a Land Management Plan that would see the return of the sacred Black Hills.

An avid believer in natural foods and medicine, Linda has taken on the task of learning about natural nutrition and herbal medicine.  You can routinely find her picking medicine or selling essential oils or making healing salves for her family and friends.

Mac Macartney

Mac Macartney’s work is divided between his work with business organisations and other diverse individuals and groups. In all aspects of his work he seeks to inspire people to step forward and participate in creating a socially just, ecologically sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling human presence on earth. He is the founder of Embercombe, a social enterprise located on the fringes of Dartmoor National Park in the UK, with the mission to ‘inspire people to deepen as human beings and take courageous action to change our world’

He has been a faculty member for IMD Business School/WWF ‘One Planet Leaders’ Programme in Lausanne for three years, and regularly contributes to the Exeter University Business School ‘One Planet Leaders’ MBA programme. Mac has co-facilitated leadership, values, and sustainability workshops with INSEAD Business School (Singapore), Lafarge, P&G (Europe), PepsiCo, Nokia Siemens Networks, and WWF amongst others.

Recent and forthcoming speaking engagements include the Harvard Business School Club of New York, the Uplift Festival in Byron Bay, HR Vision conference in Amsterdam, and the EC Retail Forum for Sustainability in Brussels. He has also spoken at three TEDx events.

For twenty years Mac was mentored by a group of Native Americans. During this training and ever since he has attempted to bring two worlds together – an ancient world view that emphasises relationship, interdependence, and reverence for life with the huge challenges and equally huge opportunities of the 21st Century.This prolonged and challenging training has profoundly influenced Mac’s worldview and continues to inform all aspects of his work with organisations, children, families, and youth.


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