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The Way of the Peaceful Warrior: Burnout Prevention & Personal Resilience Training

Course dates: 
Monday, 30 April, 2018 to Friday, 4 May, 2018
Peaceful Warrior

With Kierty Verbooy and Kanada Elizabeth Gorla

Do you ever get out of balance or burn up your energies in trying to meet the many demands of your personal and professional life? Interested to learn how to use your energy more efficiently, how to be active and achieve your goals while remaining in balance? Join us for this week of embodied personal resilience training through personal and group coaching, nature connection, insights into personality dynamics and teaching methods drawn from the martial arts, processwork and improvisation/status transactions.

At A Glance

• Develop personal resilience against burning out through training for lasting behavioral change
• Experience a unique weave of inner martial arts with 1:1 and group coaching and embodied learning
• Join mentors with a depth of experience and a breadth of skill, able to equip you with tools and techniques to sustain yourself and act from a healthier and more effective balance

About This Course

The archetypal warrior protects and defends Life. In this time of growing divisions and schisms, of hot heads holding positions of power, of high stakes and even greater uncertainties, we are each of us called to learn the way of the peaceful warrior – both to sustain ourselves and to be effective in our work in the world. Join us for a week of deep experience, nourishment and embodied learning. Train in key foundational skills needed to transform conflict and bridge divides. Cultivate a peaceful centre, an open heart and a clear mind - whatever the challenges confronting you.

Through learning core practices from Tai Chi, walking meditation and the inner martial arts, you will experience both literally and metaphorically how you relate to experiences of conflict, aggression and challenges in everyday life (both personal and professional). You’ll learn how to work with energy in a way that transforms it. Through 1-1 and group coaching you’ll identify the personal drivers and cultural conditioning that cause you to overextend, lose your balance and give away your power; and you’ll discover new ways of responding from a place of peace, of power-within and power-with. You’ll gain insights into personal patterns and social surroundings through the lens of the 5 Elements Chinese System, and explore the impact of your posture and physical presence in social settings with the insight of improvisation. You will deepen your connection with nature as a primary source and resource. And most importantly, you will consider bridging – how you will weave your learning, practices and insights back into your day to day life.

In short, you will be trained for your personal and professional life to act responsively and resiliently from a place of inner balance, without overstretching your capacities and the resources that sustain you.

Who is this course for:
• Engaged citizens
• Purpose-led business leaders
• Healthcare professionals
• Social justice, equality and environmental activists & campaigners
• Change-makers
• Community organisers and politicians
• People who work with conflict
• Mediators
• Facilitators, coaches, consultants
• Anyone who feels they often use up more energy than they have at their disposal or want to learn how to manage their personal energy-resource more effectively

What will participants gain from taking part in this course?

• How to stay centred, both physically and mentally – no matter what.
• How to work with the energy coming toward you – to disarm and transform it.
• All aspects of ‘the fight’ – internal and external, diplomacy and conflict, stability and action.
• Focus and inner vision, clarity of action with right intention, holding the best for the whole.
• Insight into what causes you to lose your centre, over-extend, burnout or give your power away.
• A clearer sense of your boundaries, your power, your ‘No’ AND your ‘Yes’.
• A deeper connection with nature as a source of peace and power.

Kierty Verbooy

Kierty Verbooy

Kierty Verbooy started training in martial arts when he was 4 years old. After having attained black belts in 6 different traditions by the age of 14, his teachers referred him to train with monks of an old Chinese organisation. For the following decades, he received a holistic training in Chinese martial arts, meditation, traditional Chinese medicine techniques like acupuncture and massage, philosophy and cooking. In that context, he was instructed in deep energetic work that informs his teaching of Tai Chi and other martial arts, his practice and teaching of healing massage and manual acupuncture, as well as his consultancy and coaching work with organisational clients.

His school/dojo Equilibrium is based in Maastricht (Netherlands) and he is an internationally invited teacher, massage practitioner and organisational consultant. In his consultancy and coaching work, he draws on his deep perception of energetic flows within and between people, different personality characteristics and their impact on the social fabric of groups and organisations.

Kanada Elizabeth Gorla

Kanada Elizabeth Gorla

Kanada Elizabeth Gorla is a leadership and transformational change catalyst, mentoring and coaching individuals, teams and senior executives within both large and small organisations. She aims to build cultures of compassion, resilience and innovation and empowers leaders and change-makers of all ages and walks of life to that end. For that purpose, she has founded SHINE: her organisational vehicle to develop radical leadership to transform our world. Current projects include a leadership and culture transformation journey with Riverford Organic Farmers Board and Senior Managers; and on-going empowerment work with young adults e.g. the Catalyst Course at Embercombe. Kanada is a long-time meditator, creative arts facilitator and nature connection practitioner. Her background as an opera/theatre director and community arts animateur has informed her methodology and approach to transformative learning.

£ 695.00
Course fees include all vegetarian meals, field trips, materials and all teaching sessions. The programme will run from Monday of the first week to Friday afternoon the last week, and includes four nights private accommodation from the first lunchtime you arrive through until the lunchtime before your departure.