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Minding What Matters: Learning the Vital Dance of Body and Consciousness in the Second Half of Life

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Key Info: 
  • Explore current neuroscientific findings on the growing capacities of your maturing brain
  • Learn theories of complementarity from quantum physics
  • Discover modes of self inquiry drawn from art, psychology, story, and wisdom traditions

With Robin Rose Saltonstall, PhD

£ 550.00
Course fees include a stay in private accommodation with shared bathroom and all vegetarian meals. Fee also includes any field trips, materials as well as all teaching sessions.

If you are in the second half of your life, then you know that one of the signature experiences of this time is feeling more strongly about ‘what matters’ and simultaneously experiencing a change of capacities in the physical matter of oneself. Welcome to the Dance of Complementarity, a ‘both/and' of increasing consciousness and changing body. Living ‘both/and’ is a leitmotif in the pilgrimage of ageing and is an essential undertaking in the journey to health and well-being in the second half of life.

Come spend an immersive weekend at Schumacher exploring

  • current neuroscientific findings on the remarkable and growing capacities of your maturing brain
  • theories of complementarity from quantum physics
  • modes of self inquiry and discovery drawn from art, psychology, story, and wisdom traditions, designed to help you choreograph your own healthy, potent, and wise second half of life dance

One of the signature experiences of being in the second half of life is feel-ing simultaneously both stronger and weaker. We feel more strongly about what matters, sensing a call to find purpose and legacy in life; simultaneously our bodies — the physical matter of us — start to lose strength. We perceive new connections and rhythms of nature, even as vision and hearing are becoming less capable. Unexpected synchronicities may bring new people and possibilities forward as energy diminishes for roles and relationships that no longer inspire or satisfy. Our capacity to bring depth to daily life expands even as new aches intensify and unaccustomed maladies emerge. Welcome to the Dance of Complementarity.

In this course we will explore the complementarity of changing body and increasing consciousness.  With ageing, the ego’s way of interpreting physical changes creates fear and anxiety, but in truth we are becoming “differently-abled”. We can either remain in crisis or we can harness our experience to catalyze a shift toward a broader, deeper, and greater consciousness. Understanding and stepping into this complementarity is to participate in Gaia’s dance. To realize this dance is one of the most challenging, potentially rewarding, and important undertakings of our lives, especially when we are surrounded by a culture that is generally oblivious to this call, urging us to cling to youthful ideals and appearances, repeating old patterns long after they have lost their energy and meaning. This dance of complementarity requires artistry, dedication, practice, and courage. 

This immersive weekend short course will give you tools for choreographing this stage of your life and becoming as healthy, effective, and wise as you can be in the second half of life. Applying the theory of complementarity drawn from quantum physics, findings from neuroscience and quantum biology, ecology of living systems, and Eastern wisdom traditions as a framework, we will learn not only about the remarkable and growing capacities of our brains at midlife, but also about how our mammalian instinct to avoid threat can make us run away from the work we are called to do. We will engage in self-inquiry through yoga, dreams, and sacred story, thought experiments drawn from positive and transpersonal psychology, craft and artwork, and nurturing in nature by the river Dart and in the gardens of Dartington. We will gather around the fire, cook meals, quietly contemplate, and live in community cultivating ourselves in the Schumacher way.

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With Robin Rose Saltonstall, PhD
Robin Rose Saltonstall

Robin Rose Saltonstall, PhD

Robin Rose Saltonstall, PhD blends neuroscience, Nature-based experience, depth psychology, art, story, anatomy, and movement into a dynamic approach to creating healthiness and fulfillment in the second half of life.

Robin Rose owns and directs 40plus Integrative Health, LLC, in Boulder, Colorado, USA  ( ) which targets the physical and mental health issues of individuals in the second half of life. She offers specialized therapeutic yoga classes for patients with Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Low Back Pain, and Stroke and Head Injuries. Robin is a professor of ecotoxicology, climate change, and ecopsychology at Viridis Graduate Institute ( She co-hosts RadioMidlife, a pilot radio show broadcasting on Acast (Radio Midlife with Robin Saltonstall, PhD ) and is researching, writing, and blogging on Being More Older Than ‘Young (M.O.T.Y.) But Not Yet Elder ( She organizes and leads ReCalibrate Camps for people in transition in the second half of life (

Robin Rose holds a PhD from the University of California, San Francisco Medical School, is a Duke University trained Integrative Medicine Health Coach, Upledger Craniosacral Therapist, registered Yoga Therapist, and certified Mindfulness Practices instructor. She has served as a medical ethicist at Stanford University, a health consultant to national foundations, and an Instructor in women and health issues at the University of Colorado. In 2014, she completed the Post-Graduate Certificate in Holistic Science at Schumacher College, England, and in 2016, served as Assistant in the Holistic Science programme.

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