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Monday, 8 May, 2017 to Friday, 12 May, 2017

With Jay Ramsay, Peter Owen Jones and special guests Nigel Shaw and Clíona O Conaill

The human journey has reached a perilous point as we enter a time of great change, largely brought about by our ideas of what ‘progress’ means. The political, religious and scientific communities although not fully engaged with what is unfolding will not be able to embrace the transformation needed from the very place that has created the reality that brought this crisis into being.

Immersion sets out to create through experience and the poetic mind a way of being in the world that ultimately transforms our experience and understanding of ourselves and the natural world that sustains us. Immersion takes the journey into interdependence and fragility opening the doors to a state of mind that experiences the world not from a place of anxiety or fear, but from a place of union and communion with all that sustains us.

Over the duration of the course, participants will be encouraged through poetry, creative writing and practical sessions to move beyond a purely human centred way of seeing and being in the world into a much more generous and inclusive way of being themselves.

Peter Owen Jones

Peter Owen Jones is Anglican parish priest living in Firle, East Sussex, and author of Letters from an Extreme Pilgrim and Pathlands (Rider, 2015). He is also a poet featured in Diamond Cutters—visionary poets in America & Britain edited by Andrew Harvey & Jay Ramsay (Tayen Lane, San Francisco, 2016). He has also presented several award winning documentaries for the BBC including Extreme Pilgrim, Round the World in 80 Faiths, and How to Live a Simple Life. He is the founder of the Arbory Trust and the co-founder of the Life Cairn project. He has been working for many years to deepen the relationship between humanity and the planet that supports us.

Jay Ramsay

Jay Ramsay, who co-founded Angels of Fire in London in 1983 with its Festivals of New Poetry, is the author of 30 + books of poetry, non-fiction, and classic Chinese translation (with Martin Palmer) including Psychic Poetry—a manifesto, The White Poem, Alchemy, Crucible of Love—the alchemy of passionate relationships, Tao Te Ching, I Ching—the shamanic oracle of change, Kuan Yin, The Poet in You (his correspondence course, since 1990), Kingdom of the Edge—Selected Poems 1980-1998, Out of Time—1998-2008, Places of Truth, Agistri Notebook, and Monuments (both 2014). In addition, he's edited 6 anthologies of New Poetry. He is poetry editor of Caduceus magazine, working in private practice as a UKCP accredited psychotherapist & healer, living in Stroud, and running workshops worldwide. (

Nigel Shaw

Nigel Shaw has produced a highly regarded and diverse collection of recordings over the last 30 years. His gentle and soul-filled instrumental works, and ability to infuse his music with a powerful yearning for wild nature, have come to define his unique approach to sacred sound. Classic albums such as The River and Requiem: Well of Souls continue to be significant and widely appreciated decades after their initial release. More recently he has composed a series of albums that honour the sweet and raw ancient moorland landscape: Dartmoor Journey, Dartmoor Roundhouse and Dartmoor Symphony, which received its orchestral world premiere in 2010. He has created and directed strong, musically dynamic projects with the albums Ancestors (inspired by the songs of the indigenous people of the Siberian Arctic) and Exile (which honours the human experience of being displaced from home and tribe). His work has encompassed wilder strands of dance music as co-founder of the festival bands Riven and Global. He also performs with Bamboo Cedar Oak, a brotherhood of master flute players that also includes Guillermo Martinez (USA) & Hiroki Okano (Japan).

Clíona O Conaill

Clíona O Conaill is a freelance writer, founder of Earth Beats and an Open Floor Teacher-in-Training. Earth Beats is a conscious dance inspired by Open Floor, earth wisdom and 20 years of personal and spiritual development. She teaches in Devon and Bristol.


£ 625.00
Course fees include all meals, field trips, materials and all teaching sessions. The programme will run from Monday to Friday afternoon, and includes four nights private accommodation and all vegetarian meals from the first lunchtime you arrive through until the lunchtime before your departure. We recommend attending this course as a fully residential participant however for you may choose to book as a non-residential participant. Please call 01803 847237 for more details.