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Holonomics - Designing Flourishing Businesses with Soul

Key Info: 
  • A radically new approach to creating a business, encompassing strategy, customer experience, product and service development, modelling, branding, communications, leadership and stakeholder engagement
  • A comprehensive introduction to Holonomics with case studies, practical exercises and the opportunity for personal mentoring for participants with specific business challenges.
  • A unique course which brings together key elements of business development and design combined with human values.

With Maria Moraes Robinson and Simon Robinson

£ 795.00
Course fees include all meals, field trips, materials and all teaching sessions.
The programme will run from Monday to Friday afternoon and includes four nights private accommodation with shared bathroom plus all vegetarian meals from the first lunchtime you arrive through until the lunchtime before your departure. If you would like to take this course as a non-residential participant, please call us on Tel: +44 (0) 1803 847237.

Holonomics is a term used to describe a groundbreaking approach to implementing transformational change in organisations.  It is used to engage people across the whole organisation, develop strong cultures and trust among members as well as effective communication.

The Holonomics approach brings together strategy, innovation, design, systems thinking, spirituality, nature's interconnectedness, philosophy, literacy, physics, biology, business as well as the five universal human values of peace, truth, love, righteousness and non-violence.   

This course, which uses real case studies, will provide you with the tools and inspiration necessary to effect change in a highly practical way.  It will show you how to engage senior executive teams, employees and stakeholders in your organisation or enterprise and you will leave with a clear, 'take-away' action plan.

To operate in the new economy with new paradigms and new logic, people need to develop systems thinking to solve complex issues as well as emotional intelligence to provide much more human qualities to workplace cultures where technology may be regarded as the major solution to global problems.

This course includes a unique combination of themes and content, such as the Balanced Scorecard methodology, and tools such as the Holonomic Circle and the Flourishing Business Canvas. These elements will all be brought together from the perspective and philosophy of Holonomics into a single coherent and systemic approach.

What will participants gain from taking part in this course?

  • A radical new approach to strategy development, business modelling and customer experience design
  • How to implement new paradigm thinking in a range of environments
  • How to prepare an organisation for a world which is uncertain and complex
  • How to fully integrate your purpose, goals and strategy with your product, service design, platform design, and customer experience;
  • Implement human values across whole organisations and ecosystems
  • Engage people from every level of the organisation and across the value-chain

Who is this course for?

This course will appeal to professionals, entrepreneurs, activists and changemakers who are looking to develop more sustainable business models and who wish to understand how to make a bigger impact. The course has been designed to help people shift their understanding of design, innovation, strategy, leadership and branding and will interest executives, senior management, public administrators, organisational development professionals and business educators.

Key terms

Holonomics and The Dynamics of Seeing: Within general business practice there is often an implicit assumption that the world ‘out there’ is a given and that people simply have different opinions about it. Yet good design is dynamic, always searching for new ways of seeing and understanding the world. The importance of the dynamics of seeing to developing a more flourishing business and better customer experience cannot be underestimated.

Customer Experiences with Soul: We need to transcend established approaches and definitions of customer experience to help companies understand why their offerings are no longer resonating with people. The Holonomic Circle is a tool which articulates the meaning of soul in a design, business and branding context. It provides a holistic framework for designers, entrepreneurs and creative leaders to explore the principles underlying the dynamics of soulful experiences with an exploration of the questions of authenticity, purpose and human values.

The Flourishing Business Canvas: The Flourishing Business Canvas provides a common language for describing and designing enterprises with a diverse range of stakeholders and goals. It builds an understanding of interconnections of the organisation. It enables broader and deeper conversations and it provides the context to enable stakeholders to collaborate around shared goals informed by their values – enabling teams to align on key strategic decisions.

Systemic Business Strategies and Balanced Scorecard: Balanced Scorecard methodology is the fifth most used management tool in the world. Created from a systems thinking philosophy, it does not simply focus on financial outcomes; it translates organisational strategy into four classical perspectives: the financial perspective, the customer perspective, the internal perspective and the learning and personal development perspective.  It means every major issue, which has an impact on overall performance, can be given the same level of importance as financial matters, allowing people to understand and encompass all the issues facing their organisation, such as sustainability and community relationships.

Balanced Scorecard can be used to help develop strategy for towns and cities and educational initiatives, as for example Todos Pela Educação (Education for All) in Brazil and by the city of Barcelona, Spain.

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With Maria Moraes Robinson and Simon Robinson

Simon Robinson

Simon Robinson is the co-author of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter and Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design. He is the co-founder of Holonomics Education, a strategy and innovation consultancy based in São Paulo, Brazil, whose mission is to help organisations to implement great customer experiences, powerful and effective strategies, and develop purposeful, meaningful and sustainable brands. Simon’s research examines how the dynamic conception of wholeness in hermeneutics and phenomenology can deepen our thinking on innovation, customer experience design and the circular economy.

As a consultant Simon helps organisations to think and innovate beyond business-as-usual, to help companies align their purpose and value propositions with today’s most critical challenges. He works holistically, integrating programmes across strategy, change management, innovation, sustainability and customer experience. He is a Harvard Business Review Brasil author, a member of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group and editor of the blog Transition Consciousness. One his recent projects has been the design, implementation and management of Fritjof Capra’s Capra Course.

Simon began his career at BT Laboratories (British Telecom) in ergonomics and human factors, responsible for the user interfaces and the customer experience of fixed and mobile consumer products. In 1996 he became the Business Development Manager of BT Cellnet (now O2) responsible for smart phones, helping to develop global standards for internet and mobile phones. In the mid-1990s Simon was a co-founder of Genie Internet, the award-winning first mobile phone portal for the internet.

Simon has spoken and chaired panel sessions at many international conferences on mobile and internet technologies, new media, gaming and sustainability including Sustainable Brands (London, San Diego, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Buenos Aires), TEDx Florianopolis, Green Spa Network 8th Annual Congress (California), Harvard Business Review Masterclass (São Paulo), Sustainable Foods Summit (São Paulo), Strategy Execution Summit (São Paulo), GSM World Congress (Cannes). Simon graduated in Psychology from Nottingham University, and has a masters degree in Holistic Science from Schumacher College.

Maria Moraes Robinson

Maria Moraes Robinson is the co-founder of Holonomics Education, helping organisations to think and innovate beyond business-as-usual, and to help companies align their purpose and business strategies with today’s most critical challenges. She is an internationally recognised educator and keynote speaker and consultant in strategy, change management, sustainability, human values and the Balanced Scorecard methodology.

For many years Maria has been developing innovative new business courses which integrate insights from the Indian programme Human Values in Education with business strategy, change management, leadership and organisational redesign. She is a published author in Harvard Business Review Brasil, and recent conferences she has presented and run workshops at include Sustainable Brands: London, San Diego, Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, and Harvard Business Review Brasil summits on Corporate Education, Mindfulness and Leadership.

As a business consultant based in São Paulo, Brazil, Maria has helped to introduce Robert Kaplan and David Norton’s Balanced Scorecard methodology into Brazil and Latin America across many sectors including telecoms, technology, petrochemicals, steel, energy, transportation and education. Maria played a key strategic role in the creation of the Brazilian educational programme Todos Pela Educação (Education for All) which was set up to improve the level of public education across the country. Her responsibilities included the development of the objectives, key performance indicators, targets and projects.

Maria is a visiting lecturer at a number of business schools in Brazil. She is the co-author of the books Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design, Strategy Management: Experiences and Lessons of Brazilian Companies and The Strategic Activist. Maria graduated in Economics from UNICAMP, Campinas and has an MBA from ESPM, São Paulo.

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