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Short Courses

The Right Livelihood Programme, UK and Bhutan - Finding Deeper Purpose 2015-16

30/11/2015 to 30/11/2016

Ha Vinh Tho, Julia Kim, Satish Kumar, Julie Richardson, Otto Scharmer and guests | Join us for a year-long transformative learning journey that aims to align your livelihood with a deeper purpose in service of happiness and well-being of people and planet. This programme includes residentials in the UK and Bhutan.  Read More...

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Beyond Development: Living Well on a Diverse and Finite Planet - Three Week Intensive

18/01/2016 to 05/02/2016

With Eduardo Gudynas, Dr, Karambu Ringera (via videolink), Paula Andreewitch, Isabel Carlisle, Jonathan Dawson, Liepollo Lebohang Pheko, Yannick Beaudoin and Megan Seneque | The development paradigm that has dominated world policy and economic trajectory for the last four decades is drawing to a close. We look at how such a paradigm has evolved, endured and is now being undermined to make way for a new diversity of global solutions for living on a diverse and finite planet. Read More...


Restore and Connect: Schumacher College Winter Retreat

15/02/2016 to 19/02/2016

Come and join the Schumacher College community for a week in this dark time of year when we tell stories round the fire, tend the gardens in preparation for spring, share the cooking and eating of our favourite winter fare and enjoy good company and conversation. Read More...

Mind in Nature 2016 - Three Week Intensive

15/02/2016 to 04/03/2016

With Rupert Sheldrake, Stephan Harding, Jonathan Horwitz, Zara Waldebäck, Shantena Sabbadini and Philip Franses | Today's emerging science is turning the mechanistic view of science on its head, revealing life as intelligent, full of purpose and able to communicate meaningfully. This intensive will look at the evidence through the work of people who are expanding the frontiers of scientific understanding and practical experience in this subject. Read More...

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The Shaman's Journey

04/03/2016 to 06/03/2016

With Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldeback | Learn to use the traditional methods of singing, dancing, and drumming to shift to shamanic consciousness, meet spirit helpers and explore the spirit world. Gain power and knowledge for oneself and others, and touch the spirit side of Nature. Read More...

Shamanism, Peace and Power short course at Schumacher College

Shamanism, Peace and Power

07/03/2016 to 11/03/2016

With Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldeback | Explore the dance of peace and power and what the relationship between the two has to offer us from a shamanic perspective - using drum journeying, meditation, singing and working in nature. Read More...

Schumacher Experience - Spring 2016

14/03/2016 to 18/03/2016

Immerse yourself in the rich daily life of community at Schumacher College. Through talks, facilitated sessions and personal enquiry, this course gives you an opportunity to attend to your own personal questions and empower and enable others through group participation and active listening. Read More...

Leading in the Midst of Complexity - a short course at Schumacher College

Enterprise Live: Leading in the Midst of Complexity – Three Week Intensive

14/03/2016 to 01/04/2016

With Patricia Shaw, Kaira Jewel Lingo, Robin Murray, Richenda Macgregor, Duncan Passmore, Alex Tempest, Aphra Sklair and Tim Crabtree | Drawing inspiration from ecology, complexity theory and mindfulness-based approaches, participants will explore the limits of mechanistic and instrumental approaches to leadership, and experience new ways of leading in uncertain and unpredictable contexts. Read More...

Wild and Magical Stories

Stories of the Earth - listening, creating, connecting

21/03/2016 to 25/03/2016

With Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldebäck | What do plants, trees, rivers, sky, stones and the wind have to tell us? Join us for this week of deep listening and deep telling of the wild and magical stories of the land and nature itself. Read More...

Call of the Wild 2016

01/04/2016 to 14/11/2016

A year long foundation course in outdoor education leadership with WildWise in association with Schumacher college. Located at Schumacher College, the Dartington Hall Estate, Dartmoor and the surrounding countryside including the River Dart, The Call of the Wild offers an extraordinary syllabus to anyone open to spending time in nature, and our job as environmental educators is to cultivate this ‘nature connection’ in helpful and meaningful ways. We invite you to become one of the new generation of change-makers through the Call of the Wild programme. Read More...

Branching Out: Creative Collaborations with Trees

04/04/2016 to 08/04/2016

Curated by artists Camilla Nelson, Alex Metcalf with guest artist Tim Knowles | Join us as we explore the shift in perception that comes from tying yourself to a tree (Charles Ray), the discombobulation of acoustically penetrating a tree's internal workings (Tree Listening) and the mind-opening excitement of embodying tree-being (Other Spaces), among other innovative tree-led strategies designed to remake your sense of human-tree relations. Branching Out fosters a radical reconception of the ways we inhabit the world in relation to other organisms.  We welcome amateurs and experts alike! Read More...

Fire In The Heart – Tracking the Poetry of our Lives

11/04/2016 to 15/04/2016

With Jay Ramsey, Peter Owen Jones and special guest Andrew Harvey (Skype) | In times of change, finding our own source of wisdom, intuition and imagination becomes ever more important. As we move into a new year, join us as we explore the practice of poetry and creative writing as ways of accessing our own internal guidance – the poet inside all of us.  This course will be delivered as part of our Elmhirst Programme at Dartington Hall. Read More...


Dark Ecology: Into the Depths of a Breathing Planet

11/04/2016 to 15/04/2016

With David Abram and Stephan Harding | How do we create an unshakeable solidarity between humankind and the other animals, plants, and elemental forces that compose this breathing biosphere? Join two of the world's finest ecological educators as they interweave their and our experience of an animate earth. Read More…


Bioregionalism By Design: People, Place and Transformation

25/04/2016 to 06/05/2016

With: John Thackara, Pamela Mang, Joel Glanzberg, Isabel Carlisle and Simon Bradbury. This two-week course will explore the bioregion in theory and practice, and bioregionalism—the growing global movement that advocates the bioregion as a framework for broader social, economic and ecological transformation. Join long-term leading players in the field of systemic and regenerative place-sourced design who will offer design instruments and principles that will enable you to work at this regional level, connecting up many disparate projects and actors into a new narrative and strategy for action. Read More...

Project Imaginal – Engaging with Life

20/06/2016 to 30/06/2016

With Chris Salisbury, Israh Goodall and Ya’Acov Darling Khan | Join us for this exciting new programme for 18 – 25 year olds who are seeking more meaningful engagement with life in our troubled and uncertain times. Get involved in the important business of being an authentic, fully alive human being using practices and processes that bring about deeper connection to ourselves, each other and to the natural and social world. You can expect camping, bushcraft, movement medicine, storytelling, ceremony, creative writing and lots more as part of this six-month mentored journey of initiation and transformation. Read More...

Garry Fabian Miller: Delphinium, Homeland, Summer 1990 (detail)

Transcribing Landscape - Portraits and Tales

20/06/2016 to 24/06/2016

With Fiona Benson, Richard Povall and special guest artist - Garry Fabian Miller | Join us for this residential week as we explore our relationship with landscape; part of Schumacher College's Art and Ecology Programme.  Transcribing Landscape is convened by poet Fiona Benson and artist-researcher Richard Povall. Our special guest is the renowned photographic artist Garry Fabian Miller. Read More...


New Economics, New World – A Mythodrama Journey

04/07/2016 to 08/07/2016

With Richard Olivier, Phyllida Hancock and Jonathan Dawson | An adventure into the possibilities of new economics for a new world using the powerful method of mythodrama with Richard Olivier and Phyllida Hancock. We will be using Shakespeare’s As You Like It as our guiding story for the week as we navigate our transition from an oppressive power-over model to a system that is based on well-being rather than greed. Read More...

Earth Pilgrim with Satish Kumar and Peter Owen Jones

Earth Pilgrim

18/07/2016 to 22/07/2016

With Satish Kumar and Peter Owen Jones | Walk and talk with Satish and 'extreme pilgrim' Peter as we explore how to breathe soul into our lives and our work for sustainability and peace. Read More...

Living a Life of Joy - Humour, Health and Happiness with Patch Adams


THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED, please register your interest here and we will update you on new dates | Dr. Patch Adams has created a platform of six qualities that govern all his activities: "to be happy, funny, loving, co-operative, creative and thoughtful", and developed clowning as a way to reach people and help them connect with a kinder life within themselves. Join us for a two-day learning event that will teach you how to incorporate the numerous beneficial effects of humour, laughter, human generosity and kindness in a healthy outlook and  in a healthy body.

Bernie Krause at Schumacher College

Nature’s Voice – Soundscape, Biophony, Music and Science

16/11/2016 to 20/11/2016

With Dr. Bernie Krause, Cosmo Sheldrake and Stephan Harding | THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED Please register your interest here and we will notify you personally when the new course dates are available. | Join us for a rare opportunity to study with composer, musician, naturalist and author Dr. Bernie Krause, exploring the world of soundscape ecology, bioacoustics & natural sound, looking at our historical and current understanding of soundscape ecology from both scientific and cultural perspectives. He will be joined by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Cosmo Sheldrake and ecologist Stephan Harding. Read More...