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Economy for the Common Good – Changing Business from the Ground Up

Course dates: 
Monday, 25 September, 2017 to Friday, 29 September, 2017
Economy for the Common Good – Changing Business from the Ground Up

With Christian Felber and special guest Rob Hopkins

“Changing the economy democratically – a different economy is possible” Christian Felber

There can be no question that the form of capitalism currently practised in the west is running into serious structural difficulty. 

But what can replace it?
Join us for this visionary week with activist and initiator of ‘Economy for the Common Good' (ECG) Christian Felber who believes that placing human beings, all other creatures and nature itself at the centre of all economic activity, will not only enable business to survive and thrive, but allow us all to engage in a financial system that delivers the one thing that really counts – a good life for all. 

Come and explore the ECG model and movement that insists the change of our current economic system should be an open-minded, participatory process aimed at the common good of all. It insists on a new system that rewards business practice and economic activity that is humane, co-operative, ecological and democratic. Human dignity, global fairness and solidarity, sustainability, social justice and democratic participation are all essential ingredients – well-being is of the utmost importance. 

In an intimate setting we will be exploring this world-changing proposition, looking at how it is already being put into practice and how we can all be involved in the change, from wherever we stand, democratically and collectively, from the ground up.

Expect taught sessions, debate and discussion, dance and yoga, as well as time spent in nature to integrate and reflect.

This course is for anyone interested in economic change and is a good introduction for business and organisations of all sizes and legal structure wishing to make the transition.


Christian FelberChristian Felber was born in 1972, studied Spanish, Psychology, Sociology and Political Sciences in Madrid and Vienna, where he lives and works as a writer. He is co-founder of Attac Austria, an internationally renowned speaker, contemporary dancer, lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and author of several bestsellers including: "50 Suggestions for a Fairer World", "New Values for the Economy", "Let's save the Euro!", "Change Everything: Creating an economy for the common good." and "Money. The new rules of the game".  Christian is the initiator of the "Economy for the Common Good" and the project "Bank for the Common Good".


£ 795.00
Course fees include single accommodation, all vegetarian meals and snacks, field trips, materials and teaching sessions. Reserve your spot for only £150.00 deposit. This course is expected to be held at The Old Postern.