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Eco-Spirituality, Creation Spirituality: Exploring Eco-Mystics and Becoming Eco-Warriors


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Monday, 14 September, 2015 to Friday, 18 September, 2015

Matthew Fox - with special guests Meshi Chavez, Stephan Harding

This course is part of our Elmhirst Programme.

UPDATE: Thanks to a bursary to our Elmhirst Programme we are able to offer the 'eco-spirituality' course with Matthew Fox and Meshi Chavez at £450

Matthew, theologian, activist and leader of the Cosmic Mass phenomenum, will be contributing to our ongoing programme at The College and we look forward to welcoming him back after a sell-out performance at Dartington's Great Hall last year.

In this course we will explore some of these prophetic voices and how they speak to us today on both a personal and collective level. They include Hildegard of Bingen, Meister Eckhart, Thomas Berry, Mary Oliver, Howard Thurman and more.

The intention of the week is to deepen our own personal commitment to an ecological revolution and to become warriors as well as mystics and lovers of creation.

Matthew Fox has published books on Hildegard of Bingen and Meister Eckhart as well as other works on earth-based Western mysticism and the creation spirituality tradition. He will be joined by Meshi Chavez who will contribute movement meditation and transformational dance to the week, indoors and out, mythologist and storyteller Martin Shaw and Schumacher College’s resident ecologist Stephan Harding.

Fee: £ 450.00. Course fees include private accommodation, all meals, field trips, materials and all teaching sessions. To book, click the Apply Now button at the bottom of this page or call us on  +44 (0)1803 865934.


Matthew FoxMatthew Fox teaches eco-spirituality

Matthew Fox is a theologian and activist and author of 31 books including Original Blessing, The Reinvention of Work, One River, Many Wells: Wisdom Springing from Global Faith Traditions, Natural Grace (with Rupert Sheldrake), The Hidden Spirituality of Men: Ten Metaphors for Awakening the Sacred Masculine, etc. He has been committed to reinventing forms of education and of worship and with some amazing and memorable results. Visit


Special Guests

Meshi ChavezMeshi Chaves teaches transformational dance

Meshi Chavez follows the red path of the Lakota Tradition and its ceremonies, and teaches transformational dance.

“Movement aligns us with the natural world - it is our birthright. If we observe the movement within the elemental forces, we can begin to understand our own movement and place in creation. We are made from the same motion that animates the universe. By learning to let go of hierarchy within our minds and bodies, we can begin to surrender to that which is already moving. This movement meditation explores how to inhabit our bodies fully by delving into and embracing the unknown, while also exploring the transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary. We will discover what occurs when we couple movement with the power of imagination, while asking the question: How does transformation occur?”

Stephan HardingStephen Harding teaches animate earth and Ecological Systems Theory

Stephan Harding is Programme Coordinator of the MSc in Holistic Science and resident Ecologist at Schumacher College teaching on the MSc core modules and as part of several of the short courses at the College. He is a close associate of James Lovelock and an expert in the study of Gaia theory and deep ecology. He is the author of Animate Earth and Grow Small, Think Beautiful: Ideas for a Sustainable World from Schumacher College.

£ 450.00
Course fees include accommodation, food, field trips, materials and all teaching sessions. This course will be delivered as part of our Elmhirst Programme at Dartington Hall.