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An archive of recent previous Short Courses held at Schumacher College.
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The Shaman's Journey

04/03/2016 to 06/03/2016

With Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldeback | Learn to use the traditional methods of singing, dancing, and drumming to shift to shamanic consciousness, meet spirit helpers and explore the spirit world. Gain power and knowledge for oneself and others, and touch the spirit side of Nature. Read More...

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Restore and Connect: Schumacher College Winter Week

15/02/2016 to 19/02/2016

With visiting teachers Rupert Sheldrake, Jonathan Horwitz, Zara Waldebäck, Stephan Harding and Jonathan Dawson | Come and join the Schumacher College community for a week in this dark time of year. During this week, you can look forward to an evening session on Mind In Nature and a Deep Time Walk through Dartmouth with Stephan Harding, an Earth Talk with Rupert Sheldrake, a shamanic workshop with Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldeback, plus group cooking, yoga and meditation. Read More...

Mind in Nature 2016 - Three Week Intensive

15/02/2016 to 04/03/2016

With Rupert Sheldrake, Stephan Harding, Jonathan Horwitz, Zara Waldebäck, Shantena Sabbadini and Philip Franses | Today's emerging science is turning the mechanistic view of science on its head, revealing life as intelligent, full of purpose and able to communicate meaningfully. This intensive will look at the evidence through the work of people who are expanding the frontiers of scientific understanding and practical experience in this subject. Read More...

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Beyond Development: Living Well on a Diverse and Finite Planet - Three Week Intensive

18/01/2016 to 05/02/2016

With Eduardo Gudynas, Dr, Karambu Ringera (via videolink), Paula Andreewitch, Isabel Carlisle, Jonathan Dawson, Liepollo Lebohang Pheko, Yannick Beaudoin and Megan Seneque | The development paradigm that has dominated world policy and economic trajectory for the last four decades is drawing to a close. We look at how such a paradigm has evolved, endured and is now being undermined to make way for a new diversity of global solutions for living on a diverse and finite planet. Read More...


Indigenous Story

Our Indigenous Story - Mapping and Re-Telling World Narratives

16/11/2015 to 20/11/2015

With Atossa Soltani and Louis Fox | Join media stategist, global advocate for indigenous people and founder of Amazon Watch, Atossa Soltani and celebrated film-maker, Louis Fox for this deep exploration of the stories we live with, how we tell them and how we can change cultural narratives.  Read More...


Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Beyond Intellect into Relationship

26/10/2015 to 06/11/2015

With Pat McCabe (Standing Woman Shining) and special guests Mac Macartney, Satish Kumar, Barbara Mann (Video Link) & Larry Emerson | Join us for this two-week course on how we can develop our 'ways of knowing' beyond intellect in order to develop right relationship with place. This deep inquiry will involve theory, practice and ceremony from Native American traditions and will not only help us with our own sense of 'indigeny to place' but will look at ways that our species might live sustainably on the earth as have the cultures who have lived in health, harmony and happiness for thousands of years. Read More...

Bringing Health Down to Earth: Wellbeing through Nature, Ritual and Community

19/10/2015 to 23/10/2015

With Bayo Akomolafe, Ijeoma (Ej) Clement-Akomolafe And special guests Charles Eisenstein and Frederique Apffel-Marglin (by videolink) | This course is an exploration of the politics of health, and how the exploitation of cultures and disruption of ecosystems, the practice of patenting, the influence of big money, the mass production of pills, and the toxification of food have led to epidemics, an estrangement from our own bodies, and deeper anxiety for us all. It will look at a different way of understanding health and well-being, based on nature, ritual and community – inspired by indigenous practice around the world and will show us how a re-entanglement and connection with the world can lead to happier, healthier bodies.

Working with the Patterns of Nature: Deep Ecology, Sacred Geometry

12/10/2015 to 16/10/2015

With Tom Bree, Stephan Harding, Philip Franses and Jamie Perrelet | Join us for this rich week of philosophy, nature contemplation and traditional art as we explore the boundary between deep ecology and sacred geometry. This is a ground-breaking partnership between the Prince’s’ School of Traditional Art and Schumacher College and is open to all those interested in perceiving and working with the underlying and creative patterns of nature. This course is part of the Elmhirst Programme.

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Live Your Purpose with Burce Lipton

Live Your Purpose - Radical, Conscious Evolution

28/09/2015 to 02/10/2015

With Bruce Lipton and Bharat Mitra |  New knowledge and advances in science are shattering old myths and rewriting the fundamental beliefs of human civilisation. Join best selling author and scientist Bruce Lipton and discover what it means to ‘Live Your Purpose’ and experience an entirely new, fresh, untainted, state of pure being. Facilitated at The Elmhirst Programme in Dartington Hall. Read More...

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