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An archive of recent previous Short Courses held at Schumacher College.
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Holistic Business

Holistic Business 2019: Transforming Business from the Inside

18/03/2019 to 22/03/2019
Dart River

Call Of The Wild 2019 - A year long foundation course in outdoor education leadership

15/03/2019 to 28/10/2019

An Exploration of Eldering: featuring guest wisdom keepers Martin Shaw and Pat McCabe

11/03/2019 to 15/03/2019
Dragon Fly Wing

Mind in Nature 2019: An exploration of Holism

18/02/2019 to 08/03/2019
Satish Kumar

Love is All Weekend with Satish Kumar

15/02/2019 to 17/02/2019
college in autumn

Schumacher Experience - Winter 2019

04/02/2019 to 08/02/2019
Illustration of Birds and Human Trees

Changing the Frame 2019 - The Science and Art of Communicating for Transition

21/01/2019 to 08/02/2019
gaia woman

Guts and Gaia

11/01/2019 to 13/01/2019

Join Stephan Harding and partner Julia Ponsonby on this special new year course to explore the healthy connections between the bacteria within our bodies and the bacteria within the earth.  Learn simple fermentation techniques to make foods which promote good gut health and overall wellbeing.  This course is designed to be a joyful and inspiring journey to understand the gift of deep belonging and of deep ecology,

given us by the teeming organisms of our microbiome, our partners in Gaia.

Child holding balloon

Finding Your Voice

23/11/2018 to 25/11/2018