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An archive of recent previous Short Courses held at Schumacher College.
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Call of the Wild 2017

31/03/2017 to 20/11/2017

A year long foundation course in outdoor education leadership with WildWise in association with Schumacher College | Located at Schumacher College, the Dartington Hall Estate, Dartmoor and the surrounding countryside including the River Dart, The Call of the Wild offers an extraordinary syllabus to anyone open to spending time in nature, and our job as environmental educators is to cultivate this ‘nature connection’ in helpful and meaningful ways. Sign Up To The Waiting List Here Read More...

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Mind In Nature 2017 - Three Week Intensive

13/03/2017 to 31/03/2017

With Jonathan Horwitz, Zara Waldebäck, Stephan Harding, Karen Stead-Dexter, Merlin Sheldrake, Andy Letcher, Philip Franses and Robin Saltonstall | Today's emerging science is turning the mechanistic view of science on its head, revealing life as intelligent, full of purpose and able to communicate meaningfully. This intensive will look at the evidence through the work of people who are expanding the frontiers of scientific understanding and practical experience in this subject. Read More...

Nature Connection: Practice, Place and Purpose

13/03/2017 to 17/03/2017

With Jon Young, Phil Greenwood and special guest Colin Campbell | In this week we will bring together the indigenous traditions of South Africa and the British Isles to look at the connection between humans and the more-than-human world. What might we do improve this 'nature connection', what benefits would it bring to our lives and the world around us and what might it mean for humans globally? Read More...

Radical Activism, Education and Emergence - Entangled With The World

13/03/2017 to 17/03/2017

With Bayo Akomolafe, Manish Jain, Toni Spencer and special guest Charles Eisenstein by Skype  | Join activists and educators Bayo Akomolafe, Manish Jain, Toni Spencer and Charles Eisenstein as they consider how a new narrative of ‘partnering the world’, rather than being human-centric to it, can lead us to a radical reinvention of activism, education, and political systems. Read More...

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Exploring Ritual

06/03/2017 to 10/03/2017

With Colin Campbell and Carolyn Hillyer | Join us for this week in which we explore RITUAL – the theory, the practice and the experience. Expect time in the classroom, solo time, preparation of ritual objects and ceremonial food and deep vigil and ceremony in a roundhouse on the wild moor. Read More...

Indigeny Today - Three Week Intensive

06/03/2017 to 24/03/2017

With Colin Campbell, Jon Young, Greg Cajete, Carolyn Hillyer and David Peat (by skype)| In this three week intensive we will look closely at the cosmologies and practices of a number of indigenous traditions, focussing specifically on understandings and interactions in the relationship between humans and the natural world. We will explore how elements of indigenous ways of knowing, western scientific thought, experiential practice and ritual can inform our personal and collective thinking, feeling, stories and actions around place-making, nature connection, community and culture repair and sustainable living. Read More...

Culture Repair – Rebuilding Community

06/03/2017 to 10/03/2017

With Jon Young, Deborah Benham and Peter Cow | A rare opportunity to study with Jon Young, founder of the 8 Shields Institute, in an intimate setting, to look at how we invigorate and repair our culture, reconnect our communities and set up patterns and processes that support us all. Jon will be supported by UK 8 Shields leaders and experienced community builders Deborah Benham and Peter Cow. Read More...

Transitioning To An Ecological Civilization: Dialogues East And West

13/02/2017 to 30/06/2017

With facilitation by Julie Richardson and Lanying Zhang, and guest scholars and practitioners including Wen Tiejun, Li Shouli, Zheng Bin, Sit Tsui,  Liu Yingsheng, Rob Hopkins, Sophy Banks and Stephan Harding | Join us for a 6 month learning journey to explore community responses east and west towards growing an ecological civilisation in response to the multiple systemic challenges of our times. A collaboration between Schumacher College and the Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Southwest University in China. Read More...