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A Mindful Life 2018 - Inner and Outer Transition

With Kaira Jewel Lingo & Sophy Banks

£ 620.00
NOTE: Course fees include all meals, field trips, materials and all teaching sessions.
The programme will run from Monday to Friday afternoon, and includes four nights private accommodation and all vegetarian meals from the first lunchtime you arrive through until the lunchtime before your departure.

With Kaira Jewel Lingo & Sophy Banks

“Attention is the most basic form of love; through it we bless and are blessed” ― John Tarrant 

Cultivate attention and learn how to apply mindfulness in all areas of your personal and community life. Each day there will be meditation, mindful breathing, outdoor mindful walking, group discussions, eating mindfully (with some part of the meal in silence) and deep relaxation. There will also be regular sessions of InterPlay, a powerful mindfulness tool to grow ease, connection, and wisdom through play.

At a Glance

  • Learn the practice of mindfulness and how to apply it to all areas of your daily life
  • Catch unhealthy habits and learn to bring connection between inner and outer peace
  • Study mindfulness with a Dharma teacher who lived and worked with Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing

About This Course

In this course we will learn how to cultivate attention, to strengthen and apply mindfulness in all areas of our daily life not only in a personal context but in our workplaces, our friendships, our communities and our actions in the world.

We will take time to fully experience our breathing, our steps, our food, our bodies, our speech and our actions. We will learn more about how our minds work, how we can cultivate joy, how we can care for our painful emotions, and how the practice of mindful presence can transform our relationships to self and others, and perhaps even our deepest experience of what life is.

We will explore the connection between inner and outer peace, transition and transformation. We will also look at what takes us out of mindful well-being and how we can catch these habits and change direction, bringing ourselves back to being present in the moment.

Beyond the inner work, we will also focus on a set on mindful principles for building community - ways of moving towards enjoyable, successful, and inclusive ways of living and working together. We will look together at what kind of shared practices are needed to create joyful, sustainable, effective relationships, and to be resilient in responding to the one constant in our lives – change.

There will be taught sessions of mindful sitting and mindful walking, some activities in silence, group teaching and discussion, time to reflect together and alone, and embodied practice – and also exploration and expression through creativity, games and fun!! All this helps the new habits to take root.

This course offers the deep benefits of a retreat – coming back to self through stillness and gentle self nourishment. It also brings the expanding, experiential and practical benefits of a workshop – sharing tools that can be applied at home, giving insights that bring a different way of seeing and experiencing the world, with – we expect! – an international group of people committed to positive change in their lives and the world.

Together the teachers combine a depth of practice and immersion in the Plum Village tradition of Buddhism with a wide ranging set of tools from psychotherapy, indigenous practices and systemic healing approaches.

Quotes from previous participants

One of the best courses that I have ever taken.

It was a truly amazing week that I will remember for ages… It has also accelerated my journey into being more mindful whatever I am doing.

The course was a turning point, the start of an ongoing practice of mindfulness and meditation

I am very happy that the whole thing was not only theory but also there was some experience and realisation of it in real life.

Wonderful, thoughtful, generous instructors!!!

With Kaira Jewel Lingo & Sophy Banks
Kaira Jewel

Kaira Jewel Lingo

Kaira Jewel (formerly Sr. Jewel) is from the US and has been practicing mindfulness and Buddhist meditation since 1997. She was ordained as a nun by Thich Nhat Hanh in 1999 and as a Dharma teacher in 2007.  She returned to secular life in 2015 and continues as a lay Buddhist teacher and mindfulness teacher. Before ordaining, she graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. and M.A. in Anthropology and Social Sciences. She has led mindfulness retreats in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Brazil, India and Southern Africa. She spends much of her time sharing mindfulness and compassion, especially with children, families and young people, and bringing mindfulness to teachers and schools. She is editor of Planting Seeds: Practicing Mindfulness with Children by Thich Nhat Hanh. She is passionate about exploring the ways art, play and spiritual practice connect. She leads mindfulness courses for artists and has a background in dance and improvisation. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher and InterPlay leader.

Sophy Banks

Sophy Banks

Coming from a background in engineering and computing, Sophy soon realised that there were many questions technology couldn’t answer, and in 1995 she started her inner journey. She has worked as a psychotherapist, family constellator and workshop leader combining insights from indigenous traditions, western therapy schools and meditation practices. In 2006 Sophy helped to set up the first “Heart and Soul” group of the newly forming Transition Town Totnes (link is external) , the first experiment in a movement (link is external) which thousands of communities globally have tried in some form. In her ten years at the heart of Transition she has trained people around the world in the model evolved in Totnes, to reimagine and build a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive future at the scale of local community. Sophy’s passion was to bring deep insights and processes to a movement tending to focus on external change. In 2016 Sophy stepped back from the Transition movement to give time to her own work and teaching. She played a lot of football in her youth, and is proud to grow most of her own vegetables and just about get up the Devon hills on her bike.

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