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Short Courses

Schumacher Experience - Winter 2018

Mon, 05/02/2018 to Fri, 09/02/2018

Satish Kumar, Dr Stephan Harding FLS, Rebeh Furze and Richenda Macgregor

The Ecological Self - 2018

Mon, 05/02/2018 to Fri, 23/02/2018

Eve Annecke, Dr Stephan Harding FLS, Johan Hattingh and Dr Andy Letcher
The Future Of Electric Vehicles

Managing Disruptive Transition: Navigating the pathway to 100% electric vehicles

Mon, 12/02/2018 to Thu, 15/02/2018

Nigel Topping, Paul Dickinson, Sandra Roling and Hugo Spowers
Satish Kumar

Love is All

Fri, 16/02/2018 to Sun, 18/02/2018

Satish Kumar, June Mitchell and Martin Shaw

Enterprise Live 2018: Taking a Lead in the Midst of Complexity

Mon, 19/02/2018 to Fri, 09/03/2018

Patricia Shaw, Tim Crabtree, Kaira Jewel Lingo, Maria Llanos del Corral, Ed Mayo, Guy Singh-Watson and Geetie Singh-Watson


Fri, 23/02/2018 to Sun, 25/02/2018

Matti Spence, Faze Ali, Ty Lynne and Joana Formosinho

Art of Invitation: Activating Ourselves and our Communities through Creative Engagement in Challenging Times

Mon, 26/02/2018 to Fri, 02/03/2018

Anne-Marie Culhane, Ruth Ben Tovim and Lucy Neal
Indigeny Today

Indigeny Today - Three Week Intensive 2018

Mon, 05/03/2018 to Fri, 23/03/2018

Pat McCabe, Colin Campbell and David Luke

A Mindful Life 2018 - Inner and Outer Transition

Mon, 05/03/2018 to Fri, 09/03/2018

Kaira Jewel Lingo and Sophy Banks

Call of the Wild 2018

Fri, 09/03/2018 to Mon, 29/10/2018

Chris Salisbury

Gaia and Symbiosis

Mon, 12/03/2018 to Fri, 16/03/2018

Dr Stephan Harding FLS, Merlin Sheldrake and Phoebe Tickell
Erotic Ecology Short Course with Andreas Weber

Erotic Ecology: Love as a biological principle

Mon, 12/03/2018 to Thu, 15/03/2018

Andreas Weber and Dr Stephan Harding FLS
The Science and Art of Communicating for Transition image

Changing the Frame - The Science and Art of Communicating for Transition

Mon, 19/03/2018 to Fri, 06/04/2018

Nadine Andrews, Tom Crompton, A.L. Kennedy (Skype), George Marshall, Philip Ralph, Chris Rapley, Kate Raworth, Manda Scott and Jonathan Dawson
Shadowed Ecology with David Abram, Stephan Harding and Martin Lee Mueller

Shadowed Ecology: Into the Depths of an Animate Earth

Mon, 26/03/2018 to Tue, 03/04/2018

David Abram, Dr Stephan Harding FLS and Martin Lee Mueller
Holistic Business Short Course

Holistic Business: Transforming Business from the Inside

Mon, 16/04/2018 to Fri, 20/04/2018

Jenny Mackewn, Hege Saebjornsen, Seb Pole, Nigel Topping, Karen Creavin and Satish Kumar
Sacred Activism

Sacred Activism 2018

Mon, 16/04/2018 to Fri, 04/05/2018

Bayo Akomolafe, Frédérique Apffel-Marglin and Justine Huxley
Peaceful Warrior

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior: Burnout Prevention & Personal Resilience Training

Mon, 30/04/2018 to Fri, 04/05/2018

Kierty Verbooy and Kanada Elizabeth Gorla
 Richard Olivier Short Course

Leading with Soul – Authentic Leadership for Troubled Times

Mon, 07/05/2018 to Fri, 11/05/2018

Richard Olivier
Schumacher College Gardens

Forest Gardens and Edible Ecosystems; Design, Harvest and Use

Mon, 14/05/2018 to Fri, 18/05/2018

Martin Crawford and Caroline Aitken
pagan totems

Western Esotericism

Mon, 14/05/2018 to Fri, 01/06/2018

Dr Andy Letcher, Dr Angela Voss, Dr Katya Nosyreva, Julian Vayne and Angharad Wynne

Psyche & Climate

Mon, 14/05/2018 to Fri, 18/05/2018

Jeffrey Kiehl and Dr Stephan Harding FLS
dew drops on a dandelion seed macro

Emergency to Emergence: How Holistic Science and the WholeWorld-View can help us to heal our world

Thu, 24/05/2018 to Sun, 27/05/2018

Dr Jude Currivan and Philip Franses
Jenny Mackewn short course

Co-creating the Emerging Future 2018: The Schumacher Certificate in Leadership and Facilitation

Mon, 04/06/2018 to Fri, 15/06/2018

Jenny Mackewn

Transition Design Short Course and International Design Symposium

Mon, 11/06/2018 to Sat, 23/06/2018

Terry Irwin, Gideon Kossoff, Cameron Tonkinwise and Cheryl Dahle
Evolution and Spirituality

Evolution and Spirituality in the West – Three Week Intensive

Mon, 11/06/2018 to Fri, 29/06/2018

Dr Stephan Harding FLS, Joana Formosinho, Dr Andy Letcher and Matthew T. Segall
Reverential Ecology Short Course with Satish Kumar

Reverential Ecology

Mon, 18/06/2018 to Fri, 22/06/2018

Satish Kumar
The Power Of Local short course at Schumacher College

Earth, Culture, Economy – The Power of Local 2018

Mon, 25/06/2018 to Fri, 29/06/2018

Helena Norberg-Hodge, Dr Stephan Harding FLS and Satish Kumar

Nourishing The Soul 2018

Fri, 20/07/2018 to Sun, 22/07/2018

Satish Kumar and June Mitchell
Schumacher College Experience Week

Schumacher Experience - Autumn 2018

Mon, 01/10/2018 to Fri, 05/10/2018

Satish Kumar and Richenda Macgregor

Cultivating Healthy Soils in Your Garden and on Your Farm

Mon, 08/10/2018 to Fri, 12/10/2018

Laura Lengnick

Sharing Stories, Cultivating Resilience: Speaking of Food in Changing Climate

Mon, 15/10/2018 to Fri, 19/10/2018

Laura Lengnick
EMK Complexity Methodology Short Course with Eve Mitleton-Kelly

Working With Complexity – The EMK Method 2018

Mon, 05/11/2018 to Fri, 16/11/2018

Eve Mitleton-Kelly
Schumacher College

Schumacher Experience - Winter 2019

Mon, 04/02/2019 to Fri, 08/02/2019

Richenda Macgregor
Schumacher College

Schumacher Experience - Autumn 2019

Mon, 07/10/2019 to Fri, 11/10/2019

Richenda Macgregor