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Short Courses

short courses at schumacher collegeFor 25 years we have been delivering one to three-week short courses that have inspired thousands of people to make positive changes in their lives and work.

We bring together the world’s leading thinkers, change-makers and activists, to share their inspiration, their motivation and their practical experience in areas such as deep ecology and holistic science, new economics and sustainable enterprise, agro-ecology and food production, ecological design thinking and much more.

Our approach to education is through the head, heart and hands and we aim to learn through everything we do as part of a living and working community. Our courses are for small groups of 10 to 30 people and they are a truly unique and powerful opportunity for personal transformation and realignment.

The teachers and contributors we will be welcoming to the College in the next few months include Vandana Shiva, Satish Kumar, Rob Hopkins, Anna Breytenbach, Anita Moorjani, Scilla Elworthy, Bruce Lipton, Charles Eisenstein, Bill Plotkin, David Whyte, Matthew Fox and Margaret Wheatley.

Schumacher College Short Course Programme

These short courses are based at our main campus, the Old Postern. All teaching will take part on this campus although, depending on availability, accommodation may be a 10 minute walk away in the beautiful grounds of Dartington Hall.

The Elmhirst Programme – Soul, Spirit and Story

This is a new short course programme starting in 2015 and will be based in the Elmhirst Centre of Dartington Hall. All teaching, accommodation and catering will take place at Dartington Hall.

All courses are listed below.

Short Course Agroecology

Agroecology: Food for the Future

27/04/2015 to 01/05/2015

Miguel A Altieri and Clara Nicholls | This course brings together leading voices in agroecology to provide a fascinating exploration of the principles of agroecology and how these can be applied to ensure biodiverse, productive and resilient farms; promote food sovereignty and promote the necessary change of the dominant food systems.

Voice of the Earth, animate earth, Sustainable Living

Voice of the Earth - Shamanism, Story and Spiritual Ecology

27/04/2015 to 08/05/2015

With Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldeback | Working with traditional shamanic techniques and story-creating practices, this two week experiential course offers a way to access the soul in all living beings. You will learn how to shift your consciousness to come directly into contact with different aspects of nature and experience another way of knowing. We will discover how to listen to the Earth and ask for stories that build awareness, vision, connection and creation, to help you act and speak as an Earth Ambassador.

Feminine Action in the World

Drawing on the Deep Feminine for Action in the World

18/05/2015 to 22/05/2015

Anne Baring, Dr. Scilla Elworthy & Martin Shaw | This intensive workshop will have two aspects, drawing on the respective experience and field of expertise of its two presenters: Anne Baring and Dr. Scilla Elworthy. With a focus on the current awakening of the Feminine that is taking place all over the planet and the active role that women are playing in it, explore how and why the imbalance between the masculine and feminine principles arose and what effects this has had on Western civilisation, leading ultimately to our current alienation from nature. Held at the Elmhirst Programme in Dartington Hall.

The ReWilded Child

The ReWilded Child - Reconnection with Nature

25/05/2015 to 29/05/2015

Jay Griffiths, David Bond, Tim Gill and Chris Salisbury with special guest Lemn Sissay | Join award winning author Jay Griffiths, film maker David Bond and wild storyteller Chris Salisbury for a 5 day course designed to examine the relationship between childhood and nature, it’s importance in modern society and how we can start to reconnect children with the wild.

Schumacher Certificate in Eco Leadership and Facilitation: In Service of Our Emerging Future and the Web of Life

01/06/2015 to 31/01/2016

Led by Jenny Mackewn. With special contributors: Amrita Bhohi, Dan Burgess, Stephan Harding, Satish Kumar, Tim ‘Mac’ MaCartney, Jon Rae, Martin Shaw, plus Bill Plotkin and Peter Senge (by video link) | We invite you to join us for an eight-month learning adventure (2 weeks residential, 7 months online) that will develop your leadership and facilitation skills that will help you co-create a better, fairer and more beautiful world for all, enabling us to lead from and for the emerging future.

Schumacher Forest

Nature Connected Leadership - Thriving in the Face of Uncertainty

15/06/2015 to 19/06/2015

With Mark Morey With special contributor Margaret Wheatley (by videolink)What would be possible if you lived your life and leadership without compromise, with heart and authentically connected to yourself ? If we immerse in the wisdom of nature with the intention to know ourselves, we will be fully equipped to handle change and thrive in the face of uncertainty. This course brings you on a profound journey of connection to yourself in the context of nature, with time-tested mentoring approaches of indigenous cultures.  

Standing at the Crossroads with Mary Alice Arthur and Jo Confino

Standing at the Crossroads: Reclaiming your powerful presence in times of challenge & change

15/06/2015 to 19/06/2015

With Mary Alice Arthur and Jo Confino | This is the time when the old story no longer seems valid and the new story is not yet seen.  Systems are under enormous pressure and a transformation is needed.  We feel we are on the cusp, but the cusp of what?  And what do you do with that nagging sense that you should do more, achieve more, be more? What can you do when you’re standing at the crossroads looking for … yourself? Join Story Activist Mary Alice Arthur and executive editor of the Guardian Jo Confino, as they take a potent story of taking your power back and weave it together with the gifts of exploring through the written word and being guided and held by nature to take you into the core of your powerful presence.

Learn to grow, harvest and cook with Riverford Organic and Schumacher College

From Soil To Supper - Making The Most Of Seasonal Veg

22/06/2015 to 26/06/2015

With Guy Watson, Geetie Singh, Tim Crabtree and the growers and chefs at Riverford Organic and Schumacher College | Join us for this celebation of seasonal vegetables as we harvest, cook and share fresh and local food alongside the growers, chefs and leaders of the organic food movement. Throughout the week, you will experience harvesting and cooking on location at Riverford farm and the Schumacher College gardens and kitchens. This course is not to be missed if you have always wanted to produce delicious food, for home or wider, from soil to supper.

Saving The World From Extinction with Thom Hartmann at Schumacher College

Saving the World From Extinction – How To Create A World That Works For All

22/06/2015 to 26/06/2015

Thom Hartmann and special guests | In this rare, intimate week, you will Join best-selling author Thom Hartmann and explore the revelations in his book ‘The Last Days of Ancient Sunlight’ and what we can all do today, as individuals, to create a future that can still work for all. This course is for anyone wanting to make a difference in the world and will provide the motivation, the tools and the practices to get going right away.


Green Entrepreneurs in Action: Creating an Ethical Enterprise

29/06/2015 to 03/07/2015

With the School for Social Entrepreneurs Dartington and contributions from Guy Watson, Geetie Singh and Tim 'Mac' Macartney | Green Entrepreneurs in Action is a six month action-learning journey and includes a one week residential intensive at Schumacher College. It aims to provide the practical support and deep inquiry that can help move you and your work forward.

Satish Kumar - Earth Pilgrim

Earth Pilgrim

06/07/2015 to 10/07/2015

With Satish Kumar and Stephan Harding | Our popular Earth Pilgrim course returns to our Summer 2015 programme. Join Satish to share his thoughts on the importance of bringing soul into the heart of everything we do, and how this can enhance your creativity and work for sustainability and peace.

Prayer and Protest: Being the Change We Wish To See in the World

13/07/2015 to 17/07/2015

With Adam Bucko | During this experiential week, you will dive deep into what it means to "be the change" and explore different themes: from prayer and living the radical teachings of the beatitudes, through dismantling what Fr. Thomas Keating calls “the false self system”, to building a contemplative movement for social change - sometimes called new monasticism - and how social change happens. Learn from the lessons of spiritual radicals like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Junior, Catherine Doherty and the Occupy Movement, combining both the pre-figurative and strategic insights.

Schumacher Experience - Summer 2015

13/07/2015 to 17/07/2015

This week-long programme allows you to take time from your normal routine and immerse yourself in the rich daily life of community at Schumacher College. It includes a walking field trip, lectures on holism and sustainability and facilitated group work.

Local Economies, Global Prosperity with Helena Norberg-Hodge

Local Economies, Global Prosperity - Pathways of hope in a time of crisis

14/07/2015 to 18/07/2015

With Helena Norberg-Hodge and Bayo Akomolafe | Join renowned filmmaker (The Economics of Happiness) and author (Ancient Futures) Helena Norberg-Hodge and author and activist Bayo Akomolafe for a big picture analysis that will help you rethink basic assumptions, and provide conceptual tools that are contributing to a powerful worldwide localisation movement. This course will be delivered as part of our Elmhirst programme at Dartington Hall.

From Separation to Beauty with Charles Eisenstein

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible - A New Story of Self and People

20/07/2015 to 24/07/2015

With Charles Eisenstein | Learn how to draw power from that knowledge and tap into a larger framework of cause and effect than the old story recognizes, so that you can envision and accomplish what once seemed impossible, clear the invisible habits  that limit your power as healer and change agent and experience the convergence of the worlds of spirituality and activism.

Satish Kumar at Schumacher College

Elegant Simplicity – Creating an Extra-Ordinary Life

26/07/2015 to 30/07/2015

With Satish Kumar, Stephan Harding and Special Guests, Miti Desai and June Mitchell |This course will embrace complexity in place of complication and show how we can include creativity and imagination in ordinary activities, transforming everything we do into an extra-ordinary way of life. Facilitated at the Elmhirst Programme at Dartington Hall

Dragon Dreaming – Moving Through Blockages in Projects, Enterprises and Organisations

27/07/2015 to 31/07/2015

With John Croft and Lizandra Barbuto | This course will allow you to identify the source of personal and professional blockages in your life and projects, between the initiator and the primary team (where people do not say what they think), within the team itself (where people do not do what they say) and between the project and the world (where people do not see what they do).  This course offers design philosophy, tools and techniques that will enable you to overcome such blockages and show you how to build a supportive team of practitioners.

Becoming Indigenous

Becoming Indigenous – Finding Our Way Home

07/09/2015 to 17/07/2016

Convened by Colin Campbell, Pat McCabe and Mac Macartney
With Special Guests Atossa Soltani, Drew Dellinger, Bill Plotkin, Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook
and many more to be confirmed | 4 month residential followed by supported personal research and mentoring.

This programme is a deep journey into the question of what it means to be indigenous and how it feels to come home. Once in the place of home, connected to our birth-rite of place and community and belonging, how do we act in the world to create change and help others find the way?

We bring together teachers, thinkers, elders, ceremonialists from both western and indigenous cultures to consider what it means to be indigenous in the 21st Century. How do we heal the grief of the past, how do we stop the abuses of the present, what knowledge and wisdom can we share, how can we move forward into a world together and what part can each of us play in making this world a home for all. 

Coming Home to an Animate World: A Way of Ceremony and Conversation

07/09/2015 to 11/09/2015

With Bill Plotkin and Geneen Marie Haugen | In this course we offer you a green doorway, an opening to a wilder consciousness shaped by forest and owls, clouds and dreams. We offer you passage from a lifeless universe to a cosmos breathing with mystery and invitation, singing and crying in a jillion tongues. Gather with other Earth lovers, forest whisperers, and visionary coyotes to honour the Others with ceremony and conversation.

Ecology of the Heart

Exploring the Ecology of the Heart: a Circle of Trust

14/09/2015 to 18/09/2015

With Rick Jackson and Barbara Reid | Skilled facilitators from the Center for Courage & Renewal help create a safe, quiet, confidential, and disciplined reflective space—a Circle of Trust—, where you will explore  the ecology of the heart. Through contemplation, journaling, deep listening, dialogue and open honest questioning, and drawing on stories from our own journeys, and from the insights from poets, storytellers, and wisdom traditions,  let the noise within and around you subside so you can explore the intersections in your personal, professional and community and begin to hear your own inner voice.

Eco-Spirituality, Creation Spirituality: Exploring Eco-Mystics and Becoming Eco-Warriors

14/09/2015 to 18/09/2015

Matthew Fox with special guests Meshi Chavez, Stephan Harding and Martin Shaw | In this course we will explore some of the many prophetic voices over the centuries that have spoken of the sacred earth and our sacred bodies. We will deepen our understanding of how they speak to us today on both a personal and collective level and how they can strengthen our own personal commitment to an ecological revolution -  to become warriors as well as mystics and lovers of creation.

Live Your Purpose with Burce Lipton

Live Your Purpose - Radical, Conscious Evolution

28/09/2015 to 02/10/2015

With Bruce Lipton and Bharat Mitra | Advances in science and knowledge are creating a genuine evolution in thought and understanding, one so radical that it is changing the world. New knowledge is shattering old myths and rewriting the fundamental beliefs of human civilization, revealing that the planet is in the midst of an amazing evolutionary event. A new world is emerging—one that requires novel ways of thinking, living, and working together. This course offers tools to discover what it means to Live Your Purpose, and with which the courageous will naturally be part of the radical, conscious evolution that is happening right now. Facilitated at The Elmhirst Programme in Dartington Hall.

The Right Livelihood Programme, UK and Bhutan - Finding Deeper Purpose

30/11/2015 to 30/11/2016

Ha Vinh Tho, Julia Kim, Satish Kumar, Julie Richardson, Otto Scharmer and guests | Join us for a year-long transformative learning journey that aims to align your livelihood with a deeper purpose in service of happiness and well-being of people and planet. This 12 month programme includes 3 residential modules in the UK and Bhutan supported by an on-line programme of study and mentoring and will be an inspirational, transformative and action-orientated journey towards developing a prototype of your own project, plan, or pathway to right livelihood. In this, you will be supported by a community of peers, tutors and experts.