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What people say about us

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"Schumacher College is one of the few places I know where economic questions are being asked as openly as they need to be. When I run seminars there, I learn as much as I teach." - Kate Raworth, radical economist, creator of Doughnut Economics

"We need ecological design centres in every region of the world to mid-wife the transition and serve as repositories of know-how and know why . . . Schumacher, the Dartington Estate, and Totnes could fill the role of flagship in that movement." - David Orr, former advisor to Al Gore.

"I learned to see myself as embedded in a web of life that is always placed-based. I shifted my focus from things to relationships. And I will for the rest of my life be a student of these dynamics in order to live and design in harmony with them instead of opposition. I believe that Schumacher College is uniquely qualified to redefine what Ecological Design in the 21st century ought to be." - Terry Irwin, Head of School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University, alumnus MSc Holistic Science.

"Schumacher is a very special place. As we try and figure out what on earth we’re going to do with this unraveling planet, it’s become a thinktank for hope, a battery for positive vision!"  - Bill McKibben,founder of

"Good design needs to be built upon an understanding of ecology and society within which design takes place. The ‘ecosystems approach’, at the heart of the new Masters in Ecological Design at Schumacher College, places this insight as the starting point for the design of all systems. Such a transformational approach is urgently needed." - Tom Butterworth, Senior Advisor for Green Infrastructure, Natural England, alumnus MSc Holistic Science.

"I teach at Schumacher College because of its strong link with ecological sustainability and an approach which is based on collaborative co-creation. People are not told what to do, together they co-create their ideas. It’s a fundamentally different model of education that we can learn from and apply to the economy as well as other areas of our life." - Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly, visiting teacher on MA Economics for Transition.