Postgraduate Fees

Our Fees

Our fees reflect the extremely high level of contact time with teachers and facilitators that is unprecedented in other academic institutions.

As a student you can expect to be immersed in facilitated and group learning processes for several hours, five days a week, with opportunities for regular evening and weekend activities.

It also includes the cost of bringing the leading experts from around the world to engage and contribute in your learning process.

Many of our experts are not teachers and academics. They are practitioners and activists that are out there changing the world and do not teach anywhere else. They come to Schumacher College because of the high calibre of our students and the unique learning models we use.

This is what makes our postgraduate programmes totally unique in the world.

Fee Tariffs

The College has two tuition fee tariffs which distinguish between students who need a student visa, and are sponsored by us under Tier 4; and students who do not need a visa. Students requiring Tier 4 visas are generally from outside of the EEA area. The higher fees reflect the additional costs to the College arising from the statutory terms of Tier 4 sponsorship, put in place by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

Important: Tier 4 Students –Working in the UK

Students studying at Schumacher College who have entered the UK on a Tier 4 visa are not permitted to work. This is because The Dartington Hall Trust, who sponsor Schumacher College students’ Tier 4 visas, is not a UK higher education institution, as defined by UK Visas and Immigration.

If you are issued with a Tier 4 visa which specifies you have permission to work, you are strongly advised to alert the immigration authorities to the apparent error.

Food and Accommodation

It is the expectation of the College that all postgraduate students foster the College’s ethos of living-and-learning-in-community by living in the student accommodation provided at either of our two sites on the Dartington Estate during their taught modules; terms 1 and 2 only.  Students with families have the option to live in their own off-campus accommodation and commute in to the College each day during taught modules.  At the point where students are working on their dissertations many choose to return home or find alternative local accommodation.  Accommodation at the College may be requested if you'd like to stay on for a further period; this would be charged at £285.00 per week (inclusive of all food).  For further details concerning food and Accommodation as well as a breakdown of what is included in your fees, please read our Food and Accommodation page.   If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our Postgraduate Admissions team

Postgraduate Fees 2015-16

The below fees are for all programmes starting September 2015 and January 2016

HS – Holistic Science; E4T – Economics for Transition; EDT – Ecological Design Thinking.

2015-16 Postgraduate Fees Masters PG Dip PG Cert
Tuition and Dissertation Fees HS and E4T EDT and EFS EDT and EFS HS and E4T EDT and EFS
UK / EU Passport £14,326 £14,326 £11,576 £6,946 £6,946
Non UK UK / EU Passport (tier 4 Visa) £18,715 £18,715 £13,915 £8,349 £8,349
Food and Accommodation (During Taught modules only)  
Residential (bed, food and beverage) £8,265 £7,980 £7,980 £4,275 £3,990
Off campus (food and beverage only) £2,000 £2,200 £2,200 £1,200 £1,100
UK / EU Passport Residential £22,591 £22,306 £19,556 £11,221 £10,936
UK / EU Passport Off campus £16,326 £16,526 £13,776 £8,146 £8,046
Tier 4 Residential £26,980 £26,695 £21,895 £12,624 £12,339
Tier 4 Off campus £20,715 £20,915 £16,115 £9,549 £9449


Part-Time Fees

Fees are set for each academic year and are payable in September for Holistic Science, Economics For Transition and Ecological Design THinking of each year of study. 

We Can Help

If you are interested in one of our programmes but cannot cover the fees above, please do contact us to discuss your situation further.

We do have limited bursary funding to assist students that would not be able to study without financial assistance. There are also a limited number of full scholarships available through Chevening, the UK Government's Global Scholarship Scheme. For details of what this is and how to apply click here.

We do not offer any discounts for Plymouth University alumni.


All fees for Masters and PG Cert students are due in full in September. A deposit of £1,500 is requested from all students who accept an offer of a place, in order to secure their place on to their chosen programme. This will be deducted from the balance due in September. Details of how to pay these fees are sent to students when they are formally accepted on to their chosen programme.

Students will need to budget for travel, books not held in the library, specialist research or University materials, clothing, stationery and other additional items and services (e.g. photocopying) that fall outside of course fees. Tier 4 students will also need to budget for any fee related to registration wtih the local Police (if required).


Plymouth University produces a signposting document for students looking to secure funding for postgraduate study. Click here to access this document
Another good information source on all matters pertaining to international students is UKCISA

Important Information for US Students

Schumacher College does not have Federal Aid Accreditation. This would be a requirement of the Federal Student Aid (FSA) programme for any US student applying for a loan in order to help fund their studies. Therefore, any US student needing a loan in order to take up a place on our programmes should not apply to the FSA programme.

Last updated: 19/06/2015