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Our Approach to Postgraduate Learning

Schumacher College has a community-based approach to learning drawing on 90 years of progressive education at Dartington where the emphasis is on ‘whole person learning’ and ‘learning by doing’.

Community living supports the opportunity to find ourselves more fully as whole persons as we are asked to relate daily to the local world we are creating together. This inner work colours our worldview and shapes how we, as humans, ‘be’ and ‘do’ in the larger world. In terms of learning by doing, community living explicitly places experience first, reversing the traditional model of education of learn-look-do. Caring for each other, for the place, and for our own personal growth, as we inquire together, are the foundations shared by all our learning programmes. We follow no specific religious or spiritual practice.

Our learning methods are varied and are based on small-group learning; in addition to more conventional methods of learning we include reflective enquiry, participatory, and experiential learning.

We currently start the day with optional meditation and after breakfast a communal meeting to go through the business of the day, to share a reading anyone of us might want to offer, and to allocate community groups and tasks. We all take part in daily activities of cooking, cleaning and gardening, which apart from opening different spaces for reflective and shared learning, also helps to foster a sense of community and an opportunity to mix across groups. Community groups will seldom take more than 4-5 hours each week.

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"If still more education is to save us, it would have to be education of a different kind: an education that takes us into the depth of things.." E.F. Schumacher