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Learning & mental health support

We value diversity and we are committed to providing equality of opportunity at Schumacher College. We aim to provide student support services which embrace difference and support all students along their learning journey.

Additional needs

Some people may have additional needs and will require extra support in order to allow them to fully take part in the learning community, for example:

  • dyslexia 
  • specific learning difficulties
  • mental health difficulties
  • a long term health condition
  • hearing or visual impairment

If you're a prospective or current student and you have a disability or learning support need, we're here to help.

What do I do next?

Please download and complete a Disclosure Form and send it to the College as soon as possible.

The purpose of your disclosure is to enable us to understand your learning needs and see how we may be able to meet them if you are offered a place on the course.

The earlier this conversation occurs the better; this allows both you and the College to reflect on what reasonable adjustments are possible and if there are any support requirements you may need to consider organising independently.

Please note: disclosing challenges to your learning will not affect your application and disclosures will be handled independently.

UK STUDENTS (or those ordinarily resident in the UK)

At time of disclosure please consider an application for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)  Further information can be found here:

Please note: If you are applying to us to study a course accredited by a Welsh University, unfortunately you will be ineligible for DSA so please read the information concerning ineligible students below.

The DSA application process can take up to 14 weeks. We recommend making an application for DSA by May or June in your year of application to us.   You do not need to wait to be offered a place on a programme prior to applying.

What are Disabled Students Allowance’s (DSA)?

Can I apply for DSA?
You can check your eligibility with your funding body:

Please note: For the purpose of DSA applications, please note Plymouth University as the course provider. Course details remain the same.

If you require assistance with your DSA application, please contact Disability Services at Plymouth University (Link external)
telephone: +44 1752 587676
University opening times: Monday to Thursday 08:30-17:00, Friday 08:30 to 16:30

Following a DSA Application

Once the funding body has received your application and medical evidence, they will write to you in approximately 3-4 weeks confirming your eligibility.  If you are eligible they will ask you to book in to attend a Study Needs Assessment. A local centre can be found and booked via this link:

Student Referral to Academic Support within the College.

Please keep the College Administration staff informed of all communications from the DSA so our academic support staff can arrange an initial appointment with you via Skype or in person; ideally prior to the start of term.

Non UK Students / Those ineligible for DSA / Welsh Awarded programmes

Disclosure – Even if students are ineligible for DSA, it is still useful for the college to know whether a student is experiencing any challenges to their learning and for the college to have an opportunity to discuss whether your needs can be met if you are offered a place on the programme.   

As soon as we have received your disclosure, we will refer it to the academic support staff and an initial appointment made to meet/skype with them, ideally prior to the start of term.

If you have concerns about disclosure

If you have any concerns about disclosure you are encouraged to discuss this with the Postgraduate Admissions team at Schumacher College
Telephone: +44 (0)1803 847212
College administration opening hours: Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30

All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Students on a programme accredited by Plymouth University may also contact Student Support at Plymouth University  (Contact details). Please mention you are applying to Schumacher College so that they can advise you correctly.  
Web: Plymouth University (Link external)
telephone: +44 1752 587676
University opening times: Monday to Thursday 08:30-17:00, Friday 08:30 to 16:30