Student Profile - Simon Robinson

simon robinson  holistic science

 1.     What had you been doing prior to beginning your PG course at Schumacher College?

I had many years of corporate experience and my roles were a mixture of business development, product marketing and customer experience design. I was the co-founder of Genie Internet, the world’s first mobile internet portal, and was involved in the conception, design and launch of many other innovative products and services in the areas of mobile telecoms, the mobile internet and gaming.

2.     What was it that made you want to take the programme?

I discovered Schumacher College after reading an interview with Satish in the Guardian magazine. When I then looked at the website I was a little shocked to discover that the masters degree in Holistic Science combined all of the subjects that over the previous years I had developed a personal interest in - complexity and chaos theory, ecology, consciousness studies and new economic thinking.

3.     Describe your time at the College?

What really stands out is that Holistic Science combines both scientific teachings with an immersive learning journey that at times can be extremely intense and which is challenging not just intellectually but personally as well. The group dynamics of the class are extremely important, since the learning environment is hugely supportive since it takes courage to change your ingrained conceptions of science, the world and reality.

Holistic Science also combines the continued guidance from the course lecturers such as Stephan and Philip, with visiting guest teachers, and the amount of quality time you are able to spend with these teachers is outstanding, given their profiles as globally known scientists, thought leaders and change agents.

And of course while you are living at the college for at least six months, the social environment with the continual flux and flow of other students, teachers and visitors mean that you are experiencing new and exciting people week in week out, making it one of the most extraordinary times of your life.

4.     What have you gone on to do since leaving the College?

Well I met my now wife Maria at Schumacher College leading me to move to Brazil. When I first went there in 2010 I launched my blog and started to teach Complexity Science to MBA students, with Maria joining these classes too.

Out of the development of this course came the idea for our book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter which we wrote in order to show how the teachings of Schumacher College, especially Holistic Science and Economics for Transition, combined with the five universal human values of peace, truth, love,right action and non-violence, can be applied in business and organisational contexts.

I have also founded a company in Brazil called Holonomics Education, a consultancy which has as its foundation the philosophy of wholeness in Holonomics. I am helping various companies here in Brazil develop programmes of profound organisational change and sustainable innovation.

In April 2014 when Holonomics launched, our nine-page article Holonomic Thinking was published in Harvard Business Review Brasil which showed us just how much interest and openness there was in the corporate environment to this new way of thinking.

In November of 2014 we were invited to open Sustainable Brands London, one of the most important global networks for practitioners, innovators and thought leaders in sustainability, and in January of 2015 Sustainable Brands nominated Holonomics as one of the Top 36 Sustainability Books. These events really helped to raise the global profile of our book, and so now I am also being asked to provide consultancy and mentoring for a number of international projects which I am able to do remotely from my base in Brazil.

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