Student Profile - Mirella Ferraz

 Mirella Ferraz

1.     What had you been doing prior to beginning your PG course at Schumacher College?

While studying Forestry Engineering, in Brazil, I coordinated a waste reduction project in the university (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria) as well as a programme on environmental education with the university community. I also had the privilege of doing a trainee programme on sustainable management of tropical forests in the Amazon rainforest. And literally before I went to start my course at the College, I moved to London to learn English.

2.     What was it that made you want to take the programme?

When I came across the Schumacher College website and read about the Holistic Science Programme, I felt it brought together an interesting content plus a nourishing context/environment, which was exactly what I was dreaming about at the time. For me, the great and exciting part was the principle of integrating theory with practice, which later on would be described by Satish Kumar as the integration of ‘head, hands and heart’. As well as intellectual development, Schumacher  College offers an opportunity to deepen your personal/self knowledge, and explore your truly passions in a mindful and caring way.

3.     Describe your time at the College?

Simply amazing! I spent eight months studying and leaving at the College as a MSc student, and overall I’d say that those months were an intense period of self growth, inspiring discussions, meaningful and funny actives and a truly expansion of my world view and awareness of the importance of caring for our relationships.

4.     What have you gone on to do since leaving the College?

One of the most important things the experience at the College offered me was the opportunity to really trust and follow my heart and my dreams, so I’d say the investment was well worth. Work wise, as well as co-editing GreenSpirit magazine, I now work in a charity based in Totnes (yes, I never left here) called the Network of Wellbeing, which makes me very proud and happy.