Holistic Science Student Profiles

Graduates from this programme will have the skills and knowledge to work for sustainable change in the public, private and NGO sectors or to set up their own projects or organisations that will be a part of the transition to a more holistic understanding and appreciation of the world.
Previous students have gone into areas such as ecological business consulting, educational projects and academia, healthcare, agriculture, media and film-making, NGOs and working with indigenous people.
Hear from some of our past students and find out how this programme has changed their lives and careers.

Student Profile - Teresa Cohn

Teresa Cohn

Teresa is now an assistant professor of Science Communication at the University of Idaho. Find out what her experiences were of the College and the programme back in 1999-2000.

Student Profile - Simon Robinson

simon robinson  holistic science

Read about Simon Robinson who took the MSc Holistic Science and has since developed a teaching and consultancy career in Brazil.

Student Profile - Mirella Ferraz

 Mirella Ferraz

 Before coming to the College, Mirella had been studying Forestry Engineering, in Brazil. Read what brought her here and what she is up to now!

Student Profile - Juliana Schneider


Juliana came from Brazil to take part in the MSc Holistic Science after working for a multinational where she led on many communication projects. Find out what brought her all the way to the College >>

Student Profile - Evelyn Roe

After completing ethnobotanical research in southern Africa, Evelyn studied the MSc Holistic Science during 2012/13.

Student Profile - Emma Kidd


Emma had previously worked as a Lingerie Designer and Product Developer in Hong Kong. She left her career in search of more satisfying and sustainable ways of living and found the College. Find out about her experience studying the MSc and what it has led to.

Student Profile - Adriana Puech

Adriana Puech hails from Colombia. After a career as an environmental engineer she attended a short course at the College and then took the MSc Holistic Science. Read about her journey here.

Student Profile - Galeo Saintz


Galeo came from South Africa to the College with a background in conservation and an interest in Systems Theory. His time at the College proved invaluable, offering him a chance to explore pure scientific enquiry whilst engaging with deep ecological study. Read more.