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Student Profile - Lior Gottesman

Lior Gottesman

1. What had you been doing prior to beginning your PG course at Schumacher College?
I was learning for my first degree in Environmental Science and Democratic Education, while directing Environmental-Youth- Leadership programs in two cities in Israel.

2. What was it that made you want to take the program?
I was looking for a place that understood the interdepended relationship between the environment, the society, economics, policy and so on. It seemed like all around the world people were studding these issues separately, while I felt I wanted to learn about the connection between them. E4T was the only place I found that really taught that way. Also, I was looking for a place that teaches cutting edge, out of the box ideas.

3. Describe your time at the College?
I was in complete FLOW! I learned so much, every given minute of the day- from the people, from the classes, from the surrounding, from my head, my heart, my hands. It was one of the most enlightening and inspiring times of my life. The holistic way of living and learning enabled me to grow in the direction I wanted with a quantum leap. My time at the college made me see things in a much more complex and connected way.

4. What have you gone on to do since leaving the College?
When I came back to Israel I was full with passion to take what I've learned into action. I set up a women's eco-social catering enterprise in Jisr al-Zarka (an Arab town in northern Israel) with a couple of other co-founding members- an enterprise that provides an ethic workplace for the women who cook healthy, local food for the children in the schools of that town as a part of the national school lunch program. This helped lower the unemployment rates of the women, provided healthy food for the children (many of whom suffer from diabetes and obesity), and drastically lowered the carbon foot-print of those 3,000 daily meals.

After that I moved to Jerusalem where I co-founded the Social-Environmental Hub at the Jerusalem Botanic Garden. The Hub serves as a creative and supportive center for over 70 organizations and entrepreneurs promoting environmental and sustainability issues in Jerusalem. The Hub integrates an inter-disciplinary professional network, creates connections within the community and to the city, provides tools and knowledge, training and professional support. In this manner, the Hub serves as a base where change agents share and express their expertise. Furthermore, the Hub conveys JBG content to the community, and leads over 20 eco-social programs in the JBG and throughout Jerusalem. This is a link to a short video about the Hub. These are two articles (in English) that were written about the Hub: one, and another.

Other than that I am a board member of The Association For Sustainable Economics in Israel.