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Student Profile - Ben Moss

1.     What had you been doing prior to beginning your PG course at Schumacher College?

I'd been running Bristol Wood Recycling Project, a social enterprise I founded since 2004. I left witnessing it turn in to a cooperative at the start of 2012; when I got on a bicycle and headed through Canada, the USA, Mexico, India and the UK. I was still rolling around on my bicycle in November 2013 -8000 -odd miles later when I found myself at Schumacher College for the first time, in a synchronistic turn of events. I spotted the Economics for Transition course, which I started in August 2014.

2.     What was it that made you want to take the programme?

I knew I wanted to study economics, or do an MBA and harness my experience in running social enterprise, but I also knew that the course would have to be radically different from the mainstream. Schumacher College and the course meets all the requirements.

3.     Describe your time at the College?

Intensely immersive in a gently supportive enquiring exploring perception altering brain filling kind of way. Wonderful.

4.     What do you plan to do?

To weave what I'm learning, who I'm meeting, and the networks I'm connecting with, in to the work I'm doing, to make a sustainable, equitable and happy economy. My focus currently is the circular economy in Bristol- but really this is just a microcosmic piece in the macrocosm of co-creating the world we all deserve to be living with.