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Economics for Transition Student Profiles

Are you ready to join a new generation of business leaders, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, researchers, consultants and activists?

Graduates from this programme will have the skills and knowledge to work for sustainable change in the public and private sectors as well as in civil society, or to set up their own projects or organisations that will contribute to the transition to a new economy.

Hear from some of our past and present students and find out how this programme has changed their lives and careers.

Student Profile - Luigi Russi

Luigi Rossi

Luigi was a University lecturer teaching politics and critical development before joining the Economics for Transition programme. Since leaving the College he has gone on to write a book and has joined a PhD programme. Read more >>

Student Profile - Ben Moss

Before coming to the College Ben was running a social enterprise in Bristol. Find out what brought him to the College and what he has learnt since coming here! Read more >>

Student Profile - Chris Tittle

chris tittle

Chris was amongst the first students to take the Masters Economis for Transition. He now co-directs the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC), which cultivates a new legal landscape that supports community resilience and grassroots economic empowerment. Find out more about Chris and his time here. Read more >>

Student Profile - Geno Lopez Morales

Geno moved from Spain where she had previously been working for Spanish Business Confederation for Social Economy and an NGO based in Madrid. Find out what brought her to the College and where she intends to go next! Read more >>

Student Profile - Lior Gottesman

Lior Gottesman

Lior was involved in directing Environmental-Youth-Leadership programs in two cities in Israel before joining the MA Economics for Transition programme. Find out what brought her to the College and what she has done since coming here. Read more >>

Student Profile - Lucy Davis


Lucy was working as Neighbourhood Plan Officer for St Ives Town Council in Cornwall. She took the MA Economics for Transition as a part-time student, whilst continuing to work for the council. Since completing her Masters, she has become actively involved in a number of local economic initiatives, read about Lucy and her inspirational work! Read more >>

Student Profile - Nick Loosley

nick loosely

Nick Loosely is currently taking the MA Economics for Transition. Find out what bought it him all the way from New Zealand and what he's been up to since being at the College. Read more >>

Student Profile - Yannick Beaudoin

Yannick Beaudoin

Yannick Beaudoin was a marine geoscientist with a Norwegian non-profit organisation. He took the part-time route and completed his Masters of Economics for Transition in Spring 2014. Find more about Yannick's experience at the College. Read more >>