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Student Profile - Kate Bowman

Kate Bowman - student of Ecological Design Thinking

1. What had you been doing before you came to study Ecological Design Thinking at Schumacher College?

I was working as a Potter within the Pottery at Garvald Edinburgh, a creative organisation for adults with learning difficulties, helping the members to make, glaze and fire pots, also doing some work on the looms and stretching canvases in the Weaving and Painting workshops. I absolutely loved it.

2. What was it that made you want to explore Ecological Design Thinking?

A combination of a total and utter gut feeling that I could not not  come and experience such a brilliant course at such an incredible college, and also a deep desire to actually have the time and space to experiment and explore the things I had wanted to learn and look into for many years.

3. Describe your time at the College?

Transformative learning. Totally and utterly. An experimental journey of both completely letting go of so much carried into my life and designs thus far, and also a chance to really get my teeth into long held passions and creative interests, and to hope. A real process. An experiment. 

4. What do you hope to go on to do after the College?

To continue, to further live and work in a totally melded manner. I also hope to further experiment with collective making, with creative community processes, ideally working with clay, but also using very large sheets of paper and felt tip pens. And for my work to be my life.

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