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Ecological Design Thinking Student Profiles

This programme aims to create a new generation of designers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, educators, researchers, consultants and activists.

Graduates from this programme will have the skills and knowledge to work for sustainable change in the public and private sectors as well as in civil society, or to set up their own projects or organisations that will contribute to the transformation of society.

Hear from some of our past students and find out how this programme has changed their lives and careers.

Student Profiles - Michael Martin

All of the Masters courses Michael could find didn’t go beyond the use of sustainable design processes and materials. The Masters in Ecological Design Thinking (EDT) is the only Masters course that he found that went beyond sustainability, and a conventional way of seeing design as a problem solving tool, to seeing design as a way of thinking about the world that can be used to catalyse change on a larger systems level.

Student Profiles - Ana Siqueira

After 15 years working in advertising and marketing, Ana was disillusioned with creating campaigns that encouraged people to buy what they don't need, with money they don't have. She was looking for a inner transformation. When she came across  Schumacher College, she knew it that was the right place to go.

Student Profile - Sam Chevallier

Since leaving the college, Sam has worked as a presenter for a wildlife programme in South Africa explaining concepts he explored during his time at Schumacher College. He  also started a company called Rewild which creates educational media for a changing world.

Student Profile - Kate Bowman

Kate Bowman - student of Ecological Design Thinking

Before coming to the College, Kate was working as a Potter within the Pottery at Garvald Edinburgh, a creative organisation for adults with learning difficulties. Find out about what brought her to the college and her experiences whilst studying this programme.

Student Profile - Luis Llabres

Luis had been working as a graphic designer for a number of years doing corporate design. However, before taking the MA in Ecological Design Thinking, he had become increasingly convinced that he had to do something more than just contributing to growing human greed.