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Course Fees

As a small independent College, Schumacher College has a challenge to meet the costs of the very special and unique learning experiences we offer. Whilst we want to be accessible to all students, we must set fees that reflect these costs. We do not make a profit on our course fees.


We appreciate that they are high for some, so we ask that if you would like to come but can’t for financial reasons, then please do apply and we will work to find ways in which we might support you.

We do try to make sure that as many eligible students as possible are able to take part.

Postgraduate Fees

Our postgraduate fees reflect the high level of contact time with teachers and facilitators that is unprecedented in other academic institutions.

As a student you can expect to be immersed in taught, facilitated and group learning processes for several hours five days a week, with opportunities for regular evening and weekend activities.

They also include the cost of bringing the leading experts from around the world to engage and contribute in your learning process. Many of our experts are the practitioners, activists and thinkers that are out there changing the world. Often they do not teach elsewhere, but come to Schumacher College because of the high calibre of our students and the unique learning models we use.

Short Course fees

Our short course fees are based on the cost of tuition, which includes the travel expenses and time of our teachers, plus all accommodation and food. They vary depending on the length of the course and the number and requirements of course teachers.

We do have a limited bursary fund for short courses, so please do apply, stating your requirement for financial assistance and we will do what we can to help.