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Being at Schumacher College

students the college groundsIf you come to Schumacher College to study, whether for postgraduate, short course or vocational training, you will find it is unlike anywhere you’ve ever been.

As soon as you arrive you will be struck by the beautiful country-side and landscapes around the College – a mixture of wild woodlands, river habitat, managed farmland and exquisite landscaped gardens.

The Old Postern, our main building, is a beautiful old home which is part of the Dartington Hall Estate. This estate has long been a centre for artists, writers, musicians and philosophers from East and West, and gives the College its unique cultural under-pinning and history.

Totnes itself is one of the main UK centres for alternative and sustainable thinking, the very home of the global Transition Movement.

However long your stay, Schumacher College is a place to come and immerse yourself in a rich and diverse community of like-minded people. Come and learn with us, talk, cook, garden, spend time in our fabulous library, watch films, make music, meet new friends, the list is endless.

Students and teachers come here from all over the world, many of them at the forefront of activism, practice and thinking for a positive and sustainable future. All of them are inspired by making a difference in the world.

It’s a place to reflect on your life and work. It’s a place to be challenged and inspired by what you learn, to feel part of something bigger than yourself and to clarify and understand your role in the wider world. It’s a place for retreat, for refreshing and for revitalisation.

Once you have experienced time at Schumacher College, if only for a weekend, we will hope to see you again.

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