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Rupert Sheldrake: Animal Telepathy

Rupert Sheldrake talks about animal telepathy at Schumacher College. He shares results of his fascinating research and shows that telepathy is a normal means of communications between animals and people. He shows how how the largely ignored subject of telepathy could have a remarkable impact on our scientific understanding.
Animal telepathy is a subject Rupert has been exploring for last 20 years. More detail of his work on animal telepathy and morphic resonance can be found in his book:
Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home

To find out more about Rupert Sheldrake and his work or to participate in his research visit his website at

Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of of more than 75 scientific papers and several books, including The Rebirth of Nature and, with Matthew Fox, Nature Grace: Dialogues on Science and Spirituality.

This Open Evening is being run alongside the Schumacher College course Gaia is the Evolution of Consciousness on which Rupert Sheldrake teaching Click here for more details.

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