Certificate In Holistic Science and Sustainable Life - Columbia

Certificate In Holistic Science and Sustainable Life - Columbia

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Efecto Mariposa and Schumacher College are delighted to announce the seventh year of its mutual collaboration in the pioneering certificate-level course for participants all over Latin America.

Course Overview

This certificate mixes elements of the College´s highly regarded masters in Holistic Science and Economics for Transition with profound experiences conceived from the territory that will allow you to explore the following topics within a deep transformative educational experience.

Key themes to be explored

  • Introduction to Holistic Science
  • Complexity and Chaos Theories and The living Earth, Gaia
  • Holistic Science in a daily life action.
  • Economics for transition
  • Food and Wellbeing for Transition
  • Co- creation, Collaboration and Collective Wisdom as a pedagogy for transformation

Course Lecturers, Tutors and Facilitators

The course is an eight month programe, both virtual and presencial. It is conceived as a pilgrimage where the process is what really matters. During this large pilgrimage of transformation you will face five different moments of exploration that will go from personal and collective preparation for the experience, living the experience in itself, digesting the experience and finally the embodiment of it.

You will have virtual meetings during the week and five residential spaces along the Certificate in three beautiful natural reserves in Colombia. Five Efecto Mariposa facilitators at your disposition, nineteen national and international guest experts, and the company of the ex alumni community web, Ojo de Agua, to support your process and encourage your full participation, deep learning, and collaboration with the group. You will also have unlimited access to an on line platform to consult your weekly materials.   

Your Schumacher collaborators

Satish Kumar
Philip Franses
Stephan Harding
Patricia Shaw

The National and International collaborators

María de la Luz Giraldo. Propioception. Sasana. Colombia
Nate Bacon. The Descent to the Soul. Animas Valley Colorado. USA
Roland Playle. Goethian Science. England
Emma Kidd. First Steps to Seeing. England
Glenn Edney. Ocean Spirit. New Zealand
Adriana Puech. Efecto Mariposa. Colombia
Sarah Denie. La Fábrica de Luz and Beautiful Economy. Spain
Shantena Sabbadini. Quantum Physics. Eranos Foundation. Spain
Piti Parra. Qi Gong Imperial. Colombia
Mateo Hernández. Naturalist.Colombia
Gustavo Wilches. Colombia
Julio Fierro. Geologist. Colombia
María Tabares. Poet. Colombia
Laura Cahnspeyer. Sacred Plants. Taller del Té. Colombia
Olga Visbal. Bread. Árbol del Pan. Colombia

Your Efecto Mariposa Facilitators

Adriana Puech
Alejandra Balcázar
Silvia Gómez.
Cristina Consuegra and Diana Pizano, food specialists
Mariana Gómez,  Ojo de Agua coordinator

Three Beautiful Natural Reserves

La Guaca
It is a cozy reserve one hour from Bogotá in the municipality of Tenjo.  It has been part of the Puech Giraldo family for many years. They, including la Guaca, love to see people around learning about nature, so we consider it as our cocoon for transformation.

Termales La Quintas
This unique land is in the slopes of the Ruíz snowy volcano. Termales Las Quintas, part of the Villa María municipality in Caldas, goes from 2.800 to 5.000 masl. and is one of the most spectacular territories we can be at in the Colombian mountains. Its spring waters from the volcano heat the colonial house and offer comfort to the visitors

El Chulajuán
This foggy forest is in the verge of the Magdalena Basin that harvest on all of its clouds. Its diversity in vegetation, small mammals, and birds as tucanos, wild turkeys and hummingbirds is renowed.

Aims of the course

We have set the environment for the participants to promote their capacity to explore, experience and embody their knowledge in a conscious way so their actions will be ethically tied to their nature, and sustainability will come up from their own selfs.

The process of learning belongs to the participant itself, everyone is responsible for how hard wants to push its own limits. With a loving and careful guide we will facilitate the materials and activities promoting interactions between the group to enhance participation, collaboration, co-creation and collective wisdom. This is a highly transformative experience.

The Ojo de Agua community

The participants will also belong to the alumni and collaborators web that we have knitted from day one and that up to this date have more than 70 people. This Ojo de Agua is a think tank for big and small conversations, a place as Satish Kumar once said to us “to bring food and get together” that is exactly where the good and creative ideas come up. Ojo de Agua performs many activities along the year.


Efecto Mariposa is a Colombian NGO that uses all of its strength to create experiences, conversations, and opportunities for people to be able to make the transition to a more sustainable way of life for themselves, their communities and their territories. For more information about our projects visit our page Efecto Mariposa

For more information go to www.efectomariposa.space