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What we’re reading this summer!

Schumacher College staff share their reading lists for the summer holidays.

Sarah Gray

Learning Community Coordinator

Sarah has worked at the Dartington Estate since 2005 and has over ten years of experience in community media, events production, and project management. She is currently secretary of Soundart Radio, an arts based community station for Totnes and Dartington.

Colum Pawson

Horticulture Teacher and Head Gardener

Colum assists in the planning and management of the growing areas around Schumacher College and teaching our horticulture students.  He also advises on the care of our chickens and Indian runner ducks.

Dr Andy Letcher

Programme Leader Engaged Ecology, Senior Lecturer, Holistic Science

After a brief spell studying physics and astronomy, Andy Letcher completed a degree in Ecology at Sheffield University, then a doctorate in Ecology at Oxford. It was as an eco-activist in the 1990s that he was invited to do a second PhD in the Study of Religion at King Alfred’s College, Winchester. He is especially interested in the tangled and sometimes tortuous relationship between science and spirituality, and in so-called dark green religion. He has written papers on: the distribution of mammals across continents; fairies; mysticism; and psychedelic spirituality. He is the author of Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom.

Andy Letcher

Andy Letcher joined Schumacher in 2017 as the Programme Director for the MA in Ecology and Spirituality.

Valerie Lancaster

Alumni Outreach Co-ordinator

Valerie brings her breadth of experience to the College as our Community Coordinator where she supports the Head of College in the smooth running of the community.

Satish Kumar

Visiting Fellow

Satish was the originator and cofounder of Schumacher College, served as its program director from 1991 to 2010, and was also the primary fundraiser during that time. He is currently a visiting fellow.

Lou Rainbow

Craft Learning Programme Manager

Lou began her career as a published and recorded writer, working on radio and touring as a performer, sketch writer and poet. Since then she has clocked up over fifteen years experience working in the arts sector and has worked in publishing and book selling, marketing and arts development.