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Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
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Indigenous wisdom has much to teach us says Jonathan Dawson

In a second blog from the Findhorn Climate Change and Consciousness conference Jonathan Dawson finds the story and rituals of the indigenous wisdom holders have much to teach us about care for the Earth.
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Hacking With Fritz

I find myself anticipating with some excitement a gathering that I suspect will be primarily populated by techies and geeks firmly convinced that the information technology revolution
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Brexit……..and the Democratic Deficit

As a species, we have a deep need for sociability and for meaningful participation in human-scale institutions

The Gift Economy and Schumacher College?

by Jonathan Dawson

We are a gift-giving species. This much is clear from over a century of anthropological reports from around the world and across the centuries. It is a core mechanism by which food and fabric and the stuff of life has circulated within our communities.