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Colums' faithful dog, Connie
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Meet our Head Gardener and horticulture specialist Colum Pawson

Q&A with Schumacher College's brilliant head gardener and lead facilitator for a new online gardening course

Food for your soul – An interview with Satish Kumar

“You don’t want to stay here too long,” jokes one of the cooks at Schumacher College – the ecological learning institute in South Devon, “you’ll put on loads of weight. I have to stop myself from eating the biscuits every day.”

A Special Interview with Karen Blincoe

KAREN BLINCOE – Director of Schumacher College

After a year at the College, Karen takes a moment to reflect on the College, how it was, how it is and how it will be.

Q: What is the most inspiring aspect of Schumacher College?

Karen: A combination of factors, several different things make this an inspiring place. I have been very impressed by the lecturers that have been drawn here. It is an impressive achievement for this College to have a list of 150 or so visiting teachers – experts and pioneers from around the planet.