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A Q&A with our new Lecturer in Engaged Ecology, Dr Sarah Elisa Kelly

Meet Dr Sarah Elisa Kelly, who joins from the fields of cultural theory and critical thinking, and whose research draws on subversive and alternative ways of thinking about the world. We caught up with Sarah to find out more about her past and what the future holds for her here at Schumacher College

Dr Sarah Elisa Kelly

Lecturer, MA Engaged Ecology

Sarah comes from a background in cultural theory and critical thinking, specialising in philosophies of meaning-making via the field of deconstruction and French feminism.

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Meet our new Lecturer in Holistic Science, Dr Troy Vine

Dr Troy Vine will be taking on the position of Lecturer on our prestigious Holistic Science MSc, programme, and he joins us from Humbolt University in Berlin, where he has been working on a second PhD. We caught up with Troy to find out a bit more about our new member of the team.

Dr Troy Vine

Lecturer, MSc Holistic Science

Troy studied Physics with Astrophysics at Bristol University before completing a doctorate at University College London with a thesis based on experimental research at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, near Chicago. He then studied Goethean science in America and Germany before moving to Berlin, where he began a second doctorate on which he is currently working. His thesis develops a Wittgensteinian approach to the history and philosophy of science that is based on seeing connections.

Phoebe Tickell

Teaching Assistant MSc Holistic Science

Dr Andy Letcher

Programme Lead, MA Engaged Ecology and Senior Lecturer, MSc Holistic Science

After a brief spell studying physics and astronomy, Andy Letcher completed a degree in Ecology at Sheffield University, then a doctorate in Ecology at Oxford. It was as an eco-activist in the 1990s that he was invited to do a second PhD in the Study of Religion at King Alfred’s College, Winchester. He is especially interested in the tangled and sometimes tortuous relationship between science and spirituality, and in so-called dark green religion. He has written papers on: the distribution of mammals across continents; fairies; mysticism; and psychedelic spirituality. He is the author of Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom.