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Schumacher College At 25

Satish Kumar describes the flourishing of a remarkable place of learning

Sharing in the work & the land

January 2008

We wanted to take this opportunity now that the plants have gone to seed or rest in the stillness of their root systems to review some of the amazing happenings of the past year in the Schumacher College garden.

Justin West came to work with the land at Schumacher in September 2006 following his studies on the MSc in Holistic Science and since then has overseen some real steps towards integrating our landscape into our teaching, our learning, and our living.

Ecology and Equity: Transformational learning from Schumacher College and the Sustainability Institute

Eve Annecke, co-founder and director of the Sustainability Insitute in South Africa has been an occasional short course participant at Schumacher College. Seven other members of the Sustainability Institute team recently attended Ecoliteracy: First principals for radical change. Hundreds of miles away from the Sustainability Institute in both distance and context, she talks about the work at Schumacher College as being deeply influential. “In all the creative work we have done in the last 10 years the work we have done with Schumacher has been one of the highlights.”

Previously sold-out, new Gaia’s Kitchen now for sale

For those of you who have waited for the new print of the sell-out Gaia’s Kitchen by Schumacher College’s Julia Ponsonby can now purchase copies from Green Books. With recipes for small and large numbers, from soups to bread and brownies this book is a delight to use and to give to others. If you have been to the College you will remember the deliciousness of these meals. If you haven’t, you should buy the book and be inspired to come to the College as well!

Buy Gaia’s Kitchen

Clare Short MP talks about her time visiting Schumacher College and Transition Town Totnes

Just before Easter, I accepted an invitation to contribute to a course on development at Schumacher College which is situated in the grounds of Dartington Hall, near Totnes. The college is famous for its commitment to environmental sustainability as is the Dartington Trust.

On the road sign for Totnes someone has painted “Twinned with Narnia”. It is a beautiful part of the world and large numbers of green minded, alternative sorts of people live there. This has made Totnes the ideal place for the birth of the Transition Towns movement….

Global learning at Dartington: An update on the Schumacher Certificate in Education

The Certificate in Education was established at Schumacher College in 2007 to provide a platform for participants to develop their professional practice in adult education for sustainability. The aim is to broaden the reach of the ‘Schumacher educational experience’ whilst bringing in other ideas to create new models.

Walk with the Earth Pilgrim: Satish Kumar

15 to 19 September, 2008
A Schumacher College Course

“We go to Dartmoor as pilgrims, not as tourists; not to escape from the stress of modern life, but for renewal of the spirit. A journey to Dartmoor is not even to study nature for its usefulness to humans, but to be one with nature as a source of solace and inspiration.” Satish Kumar

An Earth Academy

An International Centre for Ecological Studies


An Earth Academy

David Nicholson-Lord

This article originally appeared in Resurgence 2001

Schumacher College celebrates Ten years of Environmental Education

Opening the Mind’s Door

An International Centre for Ecological Studies

Opening the Mind’s Door : Schumacher College

by Rajni Bakshi

This article originally appeared in The Hindu 2002

To see the World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an Hour

William Blake