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Indigeneity and Belonging, By Charles Eisenstein

Three weeks ago I taught a five-day course at Schumacher College. The title was “The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible,” which is pretty open-ended.

How Are We To Respond?

Tim Crabtree asks: what is the economy for, and what can we personally do in response, in order to help shift the economy in a more benign direction?

Greeks Bearing Gifts

Austerity appears to be incubating and fast-tracking the economic transition of the Greek economy

Enterprising Futures 2015 – Making sense of my experience

Denise Curi wites about Enterprising Futures, a three week course for masters students, which explored how new forms of enterprise and finance are emerging to reflect ecological and social concerns.

Buddhist Economics in the Czech Republic - Tim Crabtree

Tim Crabtreee on how integrate Buddhism into economic practice, and some of the parallels between new thinking in complexity economics and the Buddhist understanding of inter-connectedness.

Brazil: the launch of the Certificate in Holistic Science and Economics for Transition

Juliana Schneider writes about the launch of an exciting new Certificate in Holistic Science and Economics for Transition in Brazil

Schumacher College Hits the Road Again - Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson writes about his experiences on the recent one-week intensive residential in Schumacher Ireland
EF Schumacher Alternative Economics	& Sustainable Economics

E.F. Schumacher offers a route out of the crisis - by Adam Lent

Adam Lent writes about the importance of EF Schumacher's work as a solution to our current economic crisis

Anna Coote and the 4-day working week

Jonathan Dawson writes about Anna Coote's proposal of the 4-day working week following her recent talk as part of the Adventures in the New Economics series.