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From Tagore to Holistic Science in Japan and China

Tagore in China, destruction and creation and a background into Holistic Science

Artisan Bread Making Is Back

Since our over-subscribed bread course earlier this year, Voirrey and I have been eagerly waiting for another chance to share the art of artisan bread baking

The Deer will Sing Again

A powerful narrative flows unhindered in many activist and civic society circles. It is the notion that the world is in crisis,

In Defence of Life

"We are as embedded in the living system that surrounds us as the rocks, the carbon prince and the calcium princess, so it is time for us as a species to rethink our participation in this living system we inhabit."

Creating The World Anew

A “Shifting the Burden” pattern seems to go some way toward explaining the direction Western and, increasingly, worldwide culture has taken over the past 500 years—as well as some of the profound difficulties we face today.

The Healing of an Archetypal Wounding of Humanity

A letter from Woman Stands Shining, Pat McCabe for a profound healing ceremony that will take place in Europe this Spring

A Courageous Conversation - Project Imaginal

An Article by WildWise's Chris Salisbury about a new programme that aims to make a positive and critical intervention in a young persons life.

Mind Over Matter

There is a wealth of research showing beyond all doubt that thoughts, beliefs and emotions cause physiological, biological, and even genetic changes all throughout your body.
Agroecology |  Miguel Altieri | Clara Nicholls

Agroecology: A Week with Miguel Altieri & Clara Nicholls

Richard Meddows writes about Schumacher College short course, Agroecology taught by Miguel Altieri and Clara Nicholls, two of the field’s most senior and respected scientists.