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Britain and the EU: Beyond the False Dichotomy

We need to step back and look at the big picture to see the enormous benefits of a systemic shift in direction: from global to local.

What Right Livelihood Means To Me

To practice Right Livelihood (samyag ajiva), you have to find a way to earn your living without transgressing your ideals of love and compassion.

Endosymbiotic Design

What does endosymbiotic design mean in practice? Stephan Harding explains.

Becoming Indigenous

"I truly feel that Gaia or Spirit has brought me to this encounter, the journey truly had it's own plans for me; I was just along for the ride, picking up glimmers of insight along the way."

Brexit……..and the Democratic Deficit

As a species, we have a deep need for sociability and for meaningful participation in human-scale institutions

From Tagore to Holistic Science in Japan and China

Tagore in China, destruction and creation and a background into Holistic Science

Artisan Bread Making Is Back

Since our over-subscribed bread course earlier this year, Voirrey and I have been eagerly waiting for another chance to share the art of artisan bread baking

The Deer will Sing Again

A powerful narrative flows unhindered in many activist and civic society circles. It is the notion that the world is in crisis,

In Defence of Life

"We are as embedded in the living system that surrounds us as the rocks, the carbon prince and the calcium princess, so it is time for us as a species to rethink our participation in this living system we inhabit."