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Leadership Is A Choice - Mac Macartney

As managers in business and wannabe leaders, what choices are we called to make? When we ask all three questions, use the answers as a navigational tool, and commit to action, our leadership will have the capacity to move a mountain or two.

A Deeper Look Into Brazilian Interest In Schumacher College’s Philosophy

The appeal of Schumacher College is not only measured by the students and volunteers here in England, but we can also see the numbers in Satish’s recent visit to Brazil where he launched his book Soil Soul Society in Portuguese and gave a number of speeches. In two of his free speeches in São Paulo, over 600 people turned up to listen to him and another seven thousand watched on line.

In Conversation with Julie Richardson: The Philosophy and Development Behind the MA Economics For Transition Programme

Founder and initial head of the MA in Economics for Transition talks about her background and the philosophy behind the development of the programme.

The Time is Now for a More Soulful Way of Business

Great companies are the ones which design customer experiences with soul. A customer experience has soul when it has the quality of authentic wholeness, the principle of life itself. When you can connect with the soul of your organisation and experience the way in which it is expressed through each and every part, you will have created an authentic customer experience with soul.

Standing up together for democracy

Standing up together for democracy is more than just enabling a positive democratic and equitable outcome

Zen Garden Tea Ceremony

We gather in the Zen garden at Dartington for the tea ceremony, about forty of us, in the hot, bright mid-June sun and ait patiently, knowing that something valuable, of interest, is about to take place

Changemaker's Life in Transition

Life in Transition will feature changemakers from Denmark, Brazil, Estonia, the UK, Spain, Australia, Italy, USA,

Two Meetings To Rescue The World by Colin Tudge

The two meetings attack the issues from different angles and with different speakers -- but both argue that for starters we (humanity, the world) need to re-think food and farming from principles. We need nothing less than an Agrarian Renaissance – to be driven by all of us: a giant exercize in democracy.

About The Resurgence Trust

Established as an educational charity in 2006, The Resurgence Trust publishes Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, alongside its main website, where the entire back catalogue of issues are available for members to read. The Resurgence Trust also publishes the internationally-respected environmental news website With a world-wide network of distinguished contributors and strong editorial integrity Resurgence, with the addition of The Ecologist in 2007, has become a powerful force for change.
Animate Earth

Animate Earth: A Film presented by Stephan Harding

Building on the revolutionary discoveries of James Lovelockʼs Gaia Theory, the film goes one step further and explores opportunities to heal our relationship with the Earth through the new discipline of holistic science, with the help of interviews with leading environmentalists, scientists and spiritual leaders, including Brian Goodwin, Iain McGilchrist, Fritjof Capra, Vandana Shiva, Jules Cashford and Satish Kumar.