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Power Of Local

The Power of Local by Helena Norberg-Hodge

Moving towards a more local economy is good for humanity as well as well as business
Birte Schulze

A student's perspective - by Birte Schulze

Student Birte Schulze celebrates the benefits of an alternative education
young seedling

Healthy soil is crucial to our survival says Caroline Aitken

Visiting teacher Caroline Aitken considers the crucial relationship between the soil we rely on to grow our food and the bacteria within our bodies.
ruth potts

Utopia is not a destination - Ruth Potts

An interview with Ruth Potts about the power of Utopian thinking in an age of crisis.
kids studying

Meeting the next generation of ecological designers by Mona Nasseri

Mona Nasseri delights in the transformative power of ecological design thinking for schoolchildren in India.
stone circle

The mystery and magic of stone circles by Dr Andy Letcher

Dr Andy Letcher reflects on the unique power of certain places to connect us with the land.

Where ideas take flight by Roberto Fraquelli

A trip to the Centre of Imagination in the Himalayas in India gives Roberto Fraquelli and his ecological design thinking students a chance to pause and wonder.
a flight of steps

Dorothy Maclean - a Spiritual Life

An affectionate portrait of one of the founder's of the Findhorn Community in Scotland, Dorothy Maclean.
human patterns

Culture shift: redirecting humanity’s path to a flourishing future by Jeremy Lent

Jeremy Lent reveals how the human patterning instinct has driven humans to develop language, myth, and culture.
Jon Rae on a bike

A farewell reflection from Jon Rae

Jon Rae, who has stepped down as head of Schumacher College, reflects on its importance as a catalyst for change.