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the amazon rainforest

We need love to save the Amazon by Karina Miotto

The closer we feel emotionally towards the world’s greatest rainforest, the greater the chances of saving it, Karina Miotto believes
Alumni gathering in Belgium

Life after Schumacher - the next step by Rafaela Graça Scheiffer

Life after college can seem daunting but connecting with other alumni can help.
child playing by river

Tickling for Trout - a meeting with James Lovelock by Dr Stephan Harding

How reawakening our intuition can connect us with nature.
The Good Ship Myth and Ecology

How myths and stories help us understand the world by Rachel Fleming

Rachel Fleming shares tales of her expedition to un-map and re-map human imagination.
Satish Kumar

Love is All by Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar reflects on the importance of love in our lives

The Art of Invitation by Ruth Cross

How can we use art to help us create the conditions for social change?

Why we should worry about the state of democracy - Jon Rae

A decline in democracy is one of the biggest threats to the health of our planet

My Schumacher Month by David Dunetz.

Finding friends on the path to transforming the world

Ecology and Spirituality: the rapids of a personal journey - Eve Annecke

Eve shares the challenges of creating an ecological self

Gone But Still Here

“I soon learnt that a Grower’s best tool is her eyes. And I found myself among a group of people who sensitively observed rather than approximating or assuming; folk who deeply cared for and truly listened to the land and each other. I was touched time and time again by the thoughtfulness of the Garden Team and the Growers; and heartened that such sensitivity and caretaking was the foundation for the resilience of our growing enterprises.”