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What if..? by Ruth Potts

Ruth Potts is co-founder of bread, print & roses as well as heading up our new Postgrad course in Ecological design. She asks us “What if?…. we organised the world a little differently.”
Jonathon is always a challenging and engaging speaker

The SCHed talks at Bristol Big Green Week

During the last 3 days of the Big Green Festival in Bristol, Schumacher College set up its orange beach hut outside the Colston Hall to host the Sched Talks, along the theme of “What If…?”

Inspired by Schumacher: 'A love journey towards wellbeing'

Mirella Ferraz studied at the College on the MSc in Holistic Science during 2010/11. She writes about her time at the College and the journey she has been on since arriving here.

Agrarian renaissance: scope for a million new jobs by Colin Tudge

Colin Tudge explores what it will take to become a farmer of the future.

Holism and Leadership: Transforming Organisational Practice in an Age of Uncertainty

Transformation Strategies’ Claudius van Wyk recently facilitated the short course Holism and Leadership; Transforming Organisational Practice in an Age of Uncertainty. In this blog he reflects on his experiences during the course.

Inspired by Schumacher College - 'A Totally Different Way to Think About Economics'

Adam Parsons editor at Share The World’s Resources, visited the College last year to attend a short course with Charles Eisenstein ‘Ecology, Scarcity and the Gift Economy. “What would the world look like if money embodied our values, if the best business decision was the best decision for society, and if wealth was defined by how much we give, not how much we have?

Dart Pilgrimage by Inga Page

Inga Page, local Dartmoor guide and friend to the College, writes about a recent guided walk with students from our postgraduate programmes who completed their stay at the College by walking from the source to the mouth of the River Dart.

What might Schumacher have thought about the current economic situation and how to get out of it

Hazel Henderson, president of Ethical Markets Media, writes about what she believes EF Schumacher’s reaction to today’s economic mess. “As one who was honored to help arrange Fritz Schumacher’s first lecture tour in the USA and to join him in making many presentations, I feel that he would be as appalled as I am by the stupidities…”

'Beauty of soul, according to nature’: A short course at Schumacher College

Andrew Taggart teaches on the forthcoming course ‘Beauty of soul, according to nature’. In this blog he explores what the course will be about.

Learning from indigenous traditions in Latin America by Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson describes a recent visit to Colombia where he taught as part of economics week of the Gaia Education sustainability programme. In this blog he discusses his personal views of how Latin America’s indigenous traditions are contributing to a quite distinctively powerful educational ethic