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water research on River Dart

What the Water Gave Me by Rafaela Graça Scheiffer

Alumnus Rafaela Graça Scheiffer talks about how her study of holistic science has informed her evolving research how she is exploring 'the new water paradigm'.
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Nature's Fragile Harmonies by Stephan Harding

How harmony can emerge from a delicate reconciliation between opposites.

Kickstarting Local Economic Transition - Jay Tompt suggests a four point framework

There's never been a better time to mobilise local communities to take control of their economic destiny writes Jay Tompt.
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The Local Entrepreneur Forum has the power to change our economy - Jay Tompt

The LEF is an opportunity to create space for a new story about how economic activity fits into the context of the kind of society and community we really want, including the roles we can all play.
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Let's be performers rather than bystanders in the new economy - Jonathan Dawson

We need to think of a new language to enable those engaged in the new emerging social economy to make sense of their experiences.
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Technology can set us free - but we need to re-think leadership first

We need to change outdated leadership and management models to help us address problems in our society says blockchain consultant Paul Bessems

What is the blockchain and why should you learn how it works?

Conceptually, a blockchain is a tool that allows users to store information and be assured it will remain intact without having to trust any particular individual or institution, such as a bank, to safeguard it. It works by financially incentivising anyone with an interest in keeping it secure and then trusting that, collectively, this group will not act against the shared group interest.
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Why the World Needs Holistic Science by Stephan Harding

When we integrate an awareness of qualities and quantities we develop an expanded science which not only makes us clever, but which also make us wise.
Power Of Local

The Power of Local by Helena Norberg-Hodge

Moving towards a more local economy is good for humanity as well as well as business
Birte Schulze

A student's perspective - by Birte Schulze

Student Birte Schulze celebrates the benefits of an alternative education