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building a bench in brazil

Bringing Creativity Home - by Tim Crabtree

Tim Crabtree has just returned from a collaborative project in Brazil to support women and young people to develop their own social enterprises
carbon footprint graphic

Whence Leadership on Climate Change?

Jonathan Dawson says there has never been a more pressing need for a "nanny state" to urgently address climate change.
Steisel family

Learning can be a family affair

Schumacher College hosts six members of the same family on a holistic business short course.
people's rally

We can all be agents of political change says Ruth Potts

New municipal movements are gaining ground worldwide. Ahead of a new course at Schumacher College, Ruth Potts looks at how local politics is getting a new lease of life.

Moving Upstream in the World of International Development by Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson argues that we need to change the words we use to talk about international development if we want to offer our support
Holonomics at Schumacher College

Designing Flourishing Businesses with Soul by Simon Robinson

The Holonomics approach treats business organisations as authentic and coherent wholes, including radically new ways to envision strategy development and implementation, customer experience design and business model evolution. Financial results are seen from a systemic perspective as an important but not unique factor which enable an organisation to achieve long term sustainability, being the outcome of purpose-driven missions and visions.
Gut Bacteria

Partners in Gaia by Stephan Harding

Stephan Harding considers how new research on gut bacteria is making us re-evaluate our understanding of ecology and evolution.
water research on River Dart

What the Water Gave Me by Rafaela Graça Scheiffer

Alumnus Rafaela Graça Scheiffer talks about how her study of holistic science has informed her evolving research how she is exploring 'the new water paradigm'.
pink poppies

Nature's Fragile Harmonies by Stephan Harding

How harmony can emerge from a delicate reconciliation between opposites.

Kickstarting Local Economic Transition - Jay Tompt suggests a four point framework

There's never been a better time to mobilise local communities to take control of their economic destiny writes Jay Tompt.