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A Green New Deal could deliver ‘Zero Carbon Britain’ if the political will existed.

Ruth Potts, who studied on our MA Economics for Transition, is a member of the Green New Deal Group. In this blog she writes about their recently published ‘National Plan for the UK’ which would shift the nation from the politics of austerity and rapidly-growing inequality to the age of the ‘Green New Deal’

A Sacred Dialogue – when language isn’t enough Louise Pardoe

Louise Pardoe is currently studying the MSc Holistic Science. In this blog she writes about her experiences applying Goethean Science by entering into an enquiry with the plant Groundsel

Schumacher College a new phase - Jon Rae

Jon Rae – Head of Schumacher College talks about his time since he assumed leadership of the College; describing the changes the College has undergone and his hopes for it’s future as it enters a new phase of replenishment.

Inspired by Schumacher: Tango at the Europie Forum

One of our volunteers Luiz Gabriel took a little bit of Schumacher College with him to the Europie Forum and Festival last week in Toulouse where he lead a workshop entitled ‘Tango: steps into complexity and leadership’.

What can nonviolence say to violence?

Author and activist, Alastair McIntosh writes on his experience as a pacifist and the experience he has had on the path of non-violence: “OVER EACH OF the past five years I’ve had the unusual experience, for a Quaker pacifist, of being asked to address 400 senior military officers at the Joint Services Command & Staff College“

What if… the news was good?

Seán Dagan Wood, Editor of Positive News asks What if… the news was good? and asks us to imagine how our perspectives, decisions and feelings might change if the media took more responsibility for its role in shaping social consciousness.

Wild ideas at Tagore Festival 2013

Lou Rainbow writes about the College’s ‘Wild Ideas’ tipi at the recent Tagore Festival.

Letter from Greece - by Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson writes of his recent experience at Kalikalos centre in Pellion, Greece where he taught a course on sustainable economics by exploring the unfolding economic crisis in Greece

What if..? by Ruth Potts

Ruth Potts is co-founder of bread, print & roses as well as heading up our new Postgrad course in Ecological design. She asks us “What if?…. we organised the world a little differently.”
Jonathon is always a challenging and engaging speaker

The SCHed talks at Bristol Big Green Week

During the last 3 days of the Big Green Festival in Bristol, Schumacher College set up its orange beach hut outside the Colston Hall to host the Sched Talks, along the theme of “What If…?”