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College Blog

A Culture of Contempt By Alastair McIntosh

Alastair McIntosh writes about his observations on the psychology behind much of the recent debate around Scottish independence.

On waiting for traffic lights… and the ways to happiness by Jasper Bergink

What makes us happy? Jasper Bergink writes about his experiences on the recent Economics of Happiness course.

College Gardens update - Feb 2014 by Jane Gleeson

Jane Gleeson – Lead Gardener at the College writes about the resurgence of life making it’s way out of the storms which have battered the country thes past few months. Life abounds once more and the garden is putting its energy back into welcoming the approaching spring sunshine and longer days.

A New Era for Design: Schumacher College launches the first ever Masters in Ecological Design Thinking

After a year of development with partners at Plymouth University and colleagues at the Carnegie Mellon School of Design in the US, we are delighted to announce that our groundbreaking new MA in Ecological Design Thinking is now open for applications.

My Microbes, Therefore I Am: Fermentation, Health, and Human Identity

Joanna Wright writes about her exploration of the diverse and time-tested food tradition of fermentation and the journey it took her from the emergence of cellular life on earth 3.5 billion years ago, to the complex nature of human identity and the inner workings of her own gut.

WATCH: Head, Hand and Heart - Schumacher Residential - Belle Isle

In 2013 the LLM in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development from Queens University Belfast introduced a residential component that aims to enable students to undertake a journey into the key challenges and opportunities posed by sustainability and resilience

Care and Conserve, not Consume! Louise Pardoe

Louise Pardoe, one of our current MSc Holistic Science students, writes about the recent weather, its connection with climate change and why humanity needs to rethink its relationship with stuff and the planet. -“What would it be like if we simply committed to fulfilling our basic needs of food, water and shelter, instead of consuming more and more ‘stuff’ that require vast resources the Earth simply cannot sustain?

Writings from The Shepherds Hut: Part 1 - Entering the Bone-House: The Nomad in the Local - Martin Shaw

*Martin Shaw recently took up a new residency at Schumacher College during 2013-2014. Working from within our newly constructed Shepherds Hut – Martin writes on the nature of nomadism in the 21st Century and it;s meaning for the localism.

Pilgrimage with William Thomas

*William Thomas, the College House Manager, writes about a 5 day commemorative walk to the College from the headquarters of Resurgence magazine in Hartland, North Devon.

Of mulch and massages - Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson, co-head of Economics, writes about some of the sleeves rolled up initiatives that are emerging out of the vital work around the new economy.