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College Blog

Transition – East And West, by Julie Richardson

Julie Richardson is currently in China as part of an exchange to share philosophies, theories, practices and case studies into how the economics of transition is manifesting across different ecologies, cultures and politics. She writes of her experiences so far…

Life After Schumacher College - by Paul Pizzala

Paul Pizzala studied the MSc Holistic Science at the College and writes about his experience at he College and what it has led onto.

A Voice for the Earth by Stephen J Adamson

Stephen J Adamson, a participant on this weeks short course Voices for the Earth with Polly Higgins and Charles Eisenstein writes about the experience of returning to the College.

Schumacher College Pilgrimage of Conviviality

William Thomas, House Manager at Schumacher College writes about a very special ‘Pilgrimage of Conviviality’ which he recently undertook with our postgraduate students.

College garden update from Joanna Wright

Joanna Wright provides an update on all the latest activity in the Schumacher College gardens and our dynamic programmes in sustainable horticulture.

A Pilgrimage Across Dartmoor

Inge Page writes of the recent of the walk led by William Thomas, for our postgraduate students who were undertaking a pilgrimage across Dartmoor to mark the end of their six months of studying and living together in Dartington.

The Power of Rebellion: A Walk through Totnes’s Radical Past, Present and Future

Ruth Potts, development co-ordinator, MA Ecological Design Thinking is a founding member of radical collective, bread, print & roses, she invites us to take a walk through Totnes’s dissenting past, present and future and ask whether new forms of citizen activism could signal a great democratic revival.

The Launch of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter

Simon Robinson, who studied for a Masters in Holistic Science at the College, writes about his recently published book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter.

A Culture of Contempt By Alastair McIntosh

Alastair McIntosh writes about his observations on the psychology behind much of the recent debate around Scottish independence.

On waiting for traffic lights… and the ways to happiness by Jasper Bergink

What makes us happy? Jasper Bergink writes about his experiences on the recent Economics of Happiness course.