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College Blog

November in Brazil - Juliana Schneider

Juliana Schneider, writes about an event in November which gives Brazilians the chance to participate in an experience that recreates the Schumacher ethos within a completely Brazilian context.
Schumacher College sustainable education and Sustainability Masters

Serving the Village - Reflections on being a volunteer

Stephen Adamson writes about his experience of being a volunteer at the College.

Anna Coote and the 4-day working week

Jonathan Dawson writes about Anna Coote's proposal of the 4-day working week following her recent talk as part of the Adventures in the New Economics series.

Starting where we are, going where we need to go - David Bent

David Bent writes about sharpening his thinking and changing his mind, after engaging the students on Masters in the Economics of Transition on the role of business in sustainability.

A Schumacher College Alumni Gathering in Japan

Read about the first Schumacher College Alumni Gathering held in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture in Japan.

Adventures in the New Economics kicks off!

The Adventures in New Economics series has just begun and Jonathan Dawson writes about the first talk given by Donnie Mclurchan, founder of the Post Growth Institute and of Free Money Day on ‘The Economics of Enough’.

College Garden Update by Jane Gleeson

Jane Gleeson, Lead Gardener at the College, writes about the trials and tribulations of grass management at the College and the importance of a well sharpened blade!

Mary Bartlett remembers Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst

Mary Bartlett went to Dartington Hall in 1963 as a horticultural student. After her training she became responsible for the glasshouses, nursery and walled garden. She is now the tutor for bookbinding in the Craft Education department. In this blog she remembers Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst.

Changing Stories: Using narrative to shift societal values - Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson, Head of Economics, writes about the importance of changing the dominant societal narrative by giving more traction to the counter narratives that are already emerging.

Process and Pilgrimage in Cordoba

Philip Franses writes about the recent Process and Pilgrimage in Cordoba and tells of the experience of 15 people meeting in the freedom of a commitment to inquiry.