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College Blog

The Art of Mindful Baking, Returning the Heart to the Hearth by Julia Ponsonby

Julia Ponsonby, Head of Food at the College, writes about what led her to write about her new book 'The Art of Mindful Baking'

Schumacher College Hits the Road Again - Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson writes about his experiences on the recent one-week intensive residential in Schumacher Ireland
Simon Robinson Sustainable Economics & Holistic Living

Holonomic Thinking and the Development of Authentic and Sustainable Brands by Simon Robinson

Simon Robinson writes about his recent workshop at Sustainable Brands London where he and his partner Maria, shared some of their experiences and insights relating to their book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter.

Schumacher Morning Meetings by Joanna Wright

Joanna Wright was part of the first intake of students on the College's Apprenticeship in Sustainable Horticulture. She reflects on her some of her experiences being a poet “in a world of friends”.

Tom Cox describes a recent visit to the College and his experience in the woods with WildWise - published in Guardian Life & Style 5 November 2014

Tom Cox recently visited the College an attended a course with Chris Salisbury at WildWise. Read his thoughts on what’s going to keep you warmer during the winter? A well-stocked log fire – or the love of your adopted cat?
Mariana Gómez Soto, Sustainability Masters & Holistic Education

A Holistic Gateway - Schumacher College by Mariana Gómez Soto

Mariana Gómez Soto writes about the journey that brought her to the College and how you can help her to achieve her important work with local communities in Colombia.
EF Schumacher Alternative Economics	& Sustainable Economics

E.F. Schumacher offers a route out of the crisis - by Adam Lent

Adam Lent writes about the importance of EF Schumacher's work as a solution to our current economic crisis
Schumacher College sustainable education and Sustainability Masters

Serving the Village - Reflections of a Wannabe Poet

Stephen Adamson uses poetry to explore four themes that have resonated for him during his time as a volunteer at the College.

November in Brazil - Juliana Schneider

Juliana Schneider, writes about an event in November which gives Brazilians the chance to participate in an experience that recreates the Schumacher ethos within a completely Brazilian context.