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The New Economy In Practice 3: “From Small Seeds……”

Tim Crabtree’s latest blog - exploring key themes in the New Economy in Practice module of the MA in Economics for Transition – looks at his work in local food, and at how a social enterprise he set up to make hot meals for 33 schools has finally moved into surplus after 10 years of patient development.

The New Economy In Practice 2: “Savings Not Suitcases”

In this second of a series of blogs exploring key themes in the New Economy in Practice module of the MA in Economics for Transition, Senior Lecturer Tim Crabtree explains his work in creating new financial mechanisms to support the development of ethical enterprises.

The New Economy In Practice: Part 1

This is the first in a series of blogs which will present on-going action research in the new economy by Economics For Transition Lecturer, Tim Crabtree

What Does It Means To Be Human

The experiences of meditators and contemplatives over the centuries and, more recently, of Western psychologists such as Jung and Hillman have shown us that we operate from two fundamental (and interrelated) levels or modes of consciousness

What is Economics? - A poem

Read this poem by former student, Della Duncan

Forthcoming Events in Brazil

See the latest events from Escola Schumacher Brasil
Bernie Krause at Schumacher College

Nature's Orcherstra

Without sound there would be no music or voice to stir the soul and transport the spirit, there would be no legend, no poetry or song.

THE UPRISING - A Conference dedicated to the future of Real Bread

Recently Julia Ponsonby and fellow kitchen aide travelled to London to attend The Uprising.
Jonathan Dawson, Senior Lecturer Schumacher College

Teaching economics for the 21st century

The revolution demanded by economics students around the world has focused almost exclusively on the curriculum, specifically on the need to draw on a much wider range of traditions and schools of economic thought.

Business for Good - What is the edge now?

Is progress possible? Great provocations and excellent practice