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Where Now With Design?

Seaton Baxter OBE discusses why design principles need to be applied from a new ethical perspective that will lead towards a new vision for a sustainable future

Phenomenological Flânerie As Urban Commoning Pedagogy: The City As A Commons Conference In Bologna

Former Economics For Transition Student, Luigi Russi shares his experiences at the Commons Conference in Bologna

What Is Deep Ecology?

Stephan Harding describes what makes deep ecology a movement as much as a philosophy

Changing Stories: Using Narrative To Shift Societal Values

Economics For Transition Lecturer, Jonathan Dawson tells us how stories that persist beyond their sell-by date can keep us locked into societal patterns that no longer serve,and how they can provide a powerful tool for transition

Educating for Gaia

Stephan Harding talks about his efforts to educate for a genuinely sustainable relationship with the Earth.


Jay Griffiths joins Schumacher College to celebrate 25 years of teaching, studying and thinking holistically.

The Bioregion: A New Frame for Designing the Next Economy

A new economy is emerging whose core value is stewardship, not extraction

Reconnect with Self and Nature: Short Courses at Schumacher College

Schumacher College offers some of the best short courses for reconnecting with self and nature.

Beyond Development: Escaping the Linguistic Prison

Jonathan Dawson, Senior Lecturer of Economics For Transition, illustrates his reference to "development" and it's shambolically inaccurate concepts.